Pedal parker 3510

The miraculous space saver for cellar and garage.

Two-piece set with pedal insert hook and tyre support. Also ideally suitable for heavy bikes. Theft protection via lock connection through an eyelet.

The Pedal Parker 3510 consists of two parts: a steel plate pedal insert hook that is universally usable for all bicycle sizes, and a tyre support to stabilise the rear wheel. The tyre support also includes an eyelet for attaching a lock. Both elements are coated in RAL 3000 Flame Red signal colour. In cellars and garages or wherever its owner wants, the pedal parker acts as a space-saving wonder, while simultaneously taking up very little space itself. The insert hook and tyre support can be simply and easily attached to suitable walls with screws and dowels. There are particularly attractive prices for the purchase of at least 3 sets.

  • Two-piece set with insert hook and tyre support
  • Universally usable for all bike sizes
  • Locking eyelet for security lock
  • Storage depth only 700 mm
  • Easy wall mounting

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