Semi-vertical bike rack SW/SF

Is inclined to please and saves lots of space

Space-saving semi-vertical ramp system for indoor and outdoor use and tyre widths up to 60 mm. Available as a free-standing unit or for wall mounting.

Here bicycles park at an angle to save valuable space with a comfortable 350 mm spacing between bikes. The weather-resistant steel construction is suitable for use indoors and outdoors, in garages or parking lots, and is, in any case, easy to assemble. The Semi-vertical Bike Rack SW/SF can be set up free-standing thanks to its all-around base frame while the SW version can be mounted to walls. The SW/SF version is available for double-sided access. All are suitable for tyre widths up to 60 mm. Locks can be attached to the guide rails. RAL-coloured versions are available as options.

  • Weatherproof steel construction
  • 60 mm wide guide rails
  • Alternate high/low setting
  • Anti-theft protection through lock connection options
  • Prefabricated for row/serial connection

Realise projects and save money!

Parking facilities for bicycles
are subsidised by up to 90 %.



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