Stand parker 4000/4000 BR

Safe and secure standing parker for mountain bikes.

Space-saving parking system with very high parking hoops & two to twelve parking spaces for extra-wide bikes with up to 55 mm wide tyres for self-assembly.

The Stand Parker 4000/4000 BR offers space for bicycles with tyre widths of up to 55 mm. The lateral spacing between bicycles is 350 mm. The exceptionally high parking hoops prevent the bike from toppling over and consequent rim damage. Simultaneously, they offer a secure connection for locks. To save valuable space, bicycles can be parked height-offset or also double-sided on request. The parking space depth is approx. 1850 mm for single-sided parking and approx. 3200 mm for double-sided. Bicycle parking facilities for modern bicycles with wider tyres can be quickly set up through DIY assembly after speedy delivery via parcel service. Ground anchors and mounting brackets available as accessories.

  • Robust, corrosion-protected steel construction
  • Toppling protection through high parking hoops
  • Up to 55 mm tyre width
  • Row/series connection (with an even number of spaces) and floor mounting possible
  • Speedy economical shipping

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Parking facilities for bicycles
are subsidised by up to 90 %.



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