Inclined high parker SW/SF

Just park diagonally, comfortably and safely.

Space-saving angled high parking system for tire widths up to 60 mm. Available for wall mounting or free-standing.

Here, bicycles park at a comfortable 350 mm wheel spacing at an angle to the top to save valuable space. The weatherproof steel structure is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, in garages or parking lots, and is easy to install in any case. The SW angled high parker is mounted on a wall, while the SF angled high parker can be set up freely thanks to a circumferential base frame and is thus also available in a two-sided version. All are suitable for tire widths up to 60 mm. Locks can be attached to the guide rails. Colored finishes according to RAL are optionally available.

  • Weatherproof steel structure
  • 60 mm wide guide rails
  • Alternating high/low setting
  • Anti-theft protection through connection options
  • Prepared for series connection

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