With the bicycles come the customers

You offer your bike-mobile customers a very special service with our EW 7004 advertising bike rack. The EW 7004 made of colour-coated tubular steel creates a comfortable and secure parking area with four parking spaces that can be accessed on both sides and sporting a generous 580 mm space between bicycles. This bike rack also informs the world about what you have to offer with its integrated advertising space. The easily replaceable aluminium composite panel makes updating a breeze. After closing time or when your practice or office is closed, simply roll it into your shop, garage or other storage room.

  • Stable construction made of colour-coated tubular steel
  • Corrosion-resistant, value-retentive through galvanizing
  • Also suitable for mountain bikes and pedelecs
  • Integrated, replaceable advertising space
  • Side-mounted rollers for easy relocation

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