With low/high setting for space-saving row systems

The STRAP Safety Bicycle Rest has two integrated front wheel brackets that securely hold each bike. By combining low and high setting hoops – implemented in model 22 DS – it is possible to realise particularly space-saving row systems in which bicycles can be parked front and rear without the handlebars getting in the way. Extended leaning hoops on request offer a comfortable locking connection possibility on the bicycle frame. An optional mounting rail, which is mounted with the brackets under paving, lowers the civil engineering costs, ensures a rock-solid stand and guarantees optimal spacing of the hoops to one another.

  • Stable, hot-dip galvanised tubular steel
  • Integrated front wheel mount
  • Space-saving, doubled-sided access possible
  • Suitable for every type of bicycle
  • Attachment to the bicycle frame possible
  • Optional mounting bracket for setting in concrete

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