Shows true greatness: the flexible IKR signage system

You can kill two birds with one stone with our flexible weatherproof IKR signage system: use its generous printing surface for your name and your logo and simultaneously direct your customers, suppliers or guests to where they should go. Our representative and simultaneously highly functional IKR signage system can be fixed to the wall or installed with steel footplates and then used on both sides. The white up to 1700 wide and 2300 mm high convex curved printing surface can be provided with film applications at will. This way, visitors will find the parking lot or the entrance as well as your creative advertising messages – always present, always appealing.

  • Alu-silver anodised
  • Can be used on one or both sides
  • Up to 1700 wide and 2300 mm high
  • Tubular posts with cast aluminium end elements
  • Shipped in impact-proof, recyclable cardboard

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