Create vivid impressions

Our light boxes and light columns are made of aluminium. They are suitable for multifold applications including as a guide, poster column, info point, or just as a decorative frame on the wall. The integrated LEDs or fluorescent lighting are guaranteed to enhance the colours of your designs.

  • Flexible formats
  • Aluminium frame
  • LED or fluorescent tubes
  • Practical folding frame profile
  • Anti-glare, UV-stabilised, anti-reflection film
  • Concealed wall mounting holes
  • Convex or flat
  • CE certification

Our products can be produced in any required size and are thus not tied to specific DIN standards. Even large formats or sizes of up to three metres in width are feasible as frameless fabric systems. Motifs can be quickly and very easily exchanged. All models can be customised, for example, with a chromed upper profile, a steel rear wall, powder coated, a country-specific plug, or a double-sided illumination.

Alternatively, you can deploy different light technologies in the boxes and columns. A T8 fluorescent lamp with conventional ballast is suitable for outdoor use, while a T5 fluorescent lamp with electronic ballast is designed for indoor use. LED lights allow very flat designs with low power consumption.

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