Perfect communication with system: ORGASTAR

The heart of your ORGASTAR organisation system is an elegant, high-quality display case with a visible area of up to 2310 x 1440 which can be mounted on walls and ceilings, stand free in the room or moved on castors. You can easily fasten your notices with the magnetic Quickclip pockets in DIN A4 format. For these, there are ready-made text fields for operational use or which you can label yourself. Everything is clearly arranged under a text bar entitled, for example, “Information”. For standing installation, the notice board can be combined with a shelf for which matching colour register pockets are also available. A clever system for all those who value a professional, clearly structured presentation.

  • Sturdy aluminium construction, silver-coloured anodised
  • Dimensions in DIN A4 grid
  • As a Super Board with lockable sliding glass doors
  • Accessories for professional presentation
  • Shipped in impact-proof, recyclable cardboard

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