Perfect presentation for retailers and shop owners

Expensive smartphones, watches, jewellery etc. belong in glass cabinets. Only they allow a 360° view of the coveted objects to instil the desire for more. Our Shop showcases are made of a very sturdy aluminium frame and base in elegant, injury-proof Softline design with an anodised aluminium-silver-coloured or any other surface of your choice. Laminated safety glass doors with cylinder locks offer optimum security and ease of content placement. The height-adjustable glass shelves have a load capacity of up to 20 kg. Details make the difference: easy transport to/from the POS. Integrated brush strips to protect your exhibits from dust accumulation. Rubber edge profile to protect against scratching by shopping carts. Base cabinets. Our Shop glass cabinets are high quality, custom-made and only available on request.

  • Very sturdy transportable aluminium construction
  • Laminated and semi-tempered glass
  • Glass shelves with 20 kg load capacity
  • A large-volume base cabinet as storage space
  • Anti-theft protection with safety catch

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