Keeping everything up to date

Would you like to present daily changing offers or information to your customers in a visually striking manner? A snap frame is the ideal advertising medium to place your messages, poster advertising, or important information in different locations in a jiffy. Whether for windows or glass doors, whether as an InfoSafe version or a snap frame in convex form; WSM has a range of variants of classical and modern poster framing in store.

  • Versatile, flexible, and robust
  • Quickly and easily change the content
  • Double-sided use of the windows or glass doors
  • Hinders light reflections
  • Three-dimensional effect through a convex shape
  • Certified to B1 fire protection class according to DIN 4102-1
  • Safety InfoSafe profile

Insert, close, finished

Whatever you call it: folding, clip, poster, or snap frame – this advertising medium is a classic in motif presentation. The high-quality aluminium frame is versatile, flexible, and robust.

You can switch your poster in a jiffy simply by opening the aluminium profile – just flip the frame hanging on the wall forward, exchange posters, close, and you are done! The frame can remain on the wall while exchanging the motive. It is easy to open, the UV-stabilised anti-reflection film is simply removed.

Whether in commercial premises, conference rooms, public buildings, schools, or at the doctors – snap frames have proven themselves everywhere. Regularly changing content is in good hands here, be it advertisements, customer information, event dates, evacuation plans, certificates, or menus. WSM provides you with quality products in various designs, including ones with theft protection and B1 fire protection class pursuant to DIN 4102-1.

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