Aluminium slide-in frame

Your posters come into their own so easily

Double-sided, flat and lightweight slide-in frame with very narrow profile made of anodized aluminum for easy ceiling suspension inside or for quick and easy installation inside and outside.

The ER-E is a double-sided poster insert frame made of aluminum for indoor use, where it can be mounted on any ceiling. The ER-P is a double-sided poster slide-in frame made of aluminum, which can be easily and quickly attached to suitable surfaces with a self-adhesive T-base - even on the outside. The very narrow frame profile provides an extremely flat design, the silver anodized surfaces and the mitred corners create an elegant impression. Notices can be easily inserted through a slit on the short side of the frame and are protected by two UV-stabilized anti-reflective foils. The light, high-quality frame is given its stability by an impact-resistant, grey plastic partition wall.

  • Very narrow frame profile
  • Silver anodized surface
  • Poster protection through UV-stabilized anti-reflective films
  • Impact-resistant, grey plastic partition wall

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