Window-Snap frame KR-W

Posters simply and effectively displayed in the window

Double-sided, flat snap frame made of aluminium in a classic design with a flat profile for easy mounting on glass surfaces.

The KR-W window snap frame can be easily attached to the inside of any window and is suitable for all posters in different sizes, so that your notice will also find its appropriate place. Profile is flat and has a timeless design that looks robust yet elegant. With silver anodised surfaces and mitred corners. It is fixed with a special double-sided adhesive tape on the inside of the window. On the outside, a counter frame without folding function ensures perfect appearance. The glass pane serves as the rear wall. Notices are protected from fading by a UV-stabilised anti-reflective film and permanently fixed with fatigue-free spring steel clamping springs.

  • Double-sided poster snap frame made of aluminium
  • Flat profile
  • Fatigue-free clamping action due to steel springs
  • Poster protection through UV-stabilised anti-reflective films
  • Simple mounting with double-sided adhesive tape

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