Our WN/WR glass showcase: first-class presentation

The WN/WR showcase is a first-class combination of quality, security and design. The torsion-resistant aluminium profile and tempered safety glass doors which run on ball-bearings for particularly convenient opening make it the professional choice for all sales or exhibition requirements. Your products or exhibits will find space on the infinitely height-adjustable shelves made of tempered safety glass. The mechanical cylinder push lock, which engages directly on the metal rail of the derail- and theft-proof doors, ensures even greater security and locking convenience. Lighting can be installed for perfect orchestration of your products – as a standard fluorescent tube or with modern and energy-efficient LED technology.

  • Easy opening through ball-bearing doors
  • 4 mm toughened safety glass
  • Tested & approved flame retardance (B1)
  • Two tempered safety glass shelves, infinitely height-adjustable
  • Optional: Energy-efficient interior lighting

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