R room system (inside)

The proven room system for indoor installation.

This proven room system is at the same time flexible and insensitive. It integrates with your plans, is easy to move, and can be expanded years later.

The R series is the original and the endurance runner in the tough industrial environment. This highly robust and protective system is perfectly optimized for its intended use, for example, as a soundproof booth, master office or multi-purpose room. Due to the glazing enclosed in clamping rubber, the good sound insulation is a particular advantage of this model series. Mobility is also one of the strengths of this system, as it can be easily and quickly repositioned if your plans change. It is also expandable even after decades. In addition, you have the greatest design possibilities with the accessories of the R model series - whether electrical connections, communication connections, air conditioning or lighting. In addition, the room system can be expanded by an unlimited amount of space and is also available as a double- or three-story construction.

  • Ready-assembled complete solutions are ready for immediate use
  • Crane hook for quick repositioning
  • Excellent sound insulation
  • Available with or without bottom
  • Large range of accessories

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