Robust modular solution in industrial design

The striking exterior of the R-house has been a common sight in the industrial environment for many years. Thanks to its proven longevity and stability in daily use, it is simultaneously low-maintenance and flexible. The WSM modular system allows mobile room solutions to be optimally planned and realised.

  • Robust and easy to care for
  • Customisable solution
  • Versatility
  • Optional expandability

Discover the true value of durability

The timeless design of the R-house developed out of display case production and culminated in our “Frankfurt” shelter canopy. This system has proven its worth for over 40 years. Even today it is often still deployed in industrial environments and wherever durability is an especially important factor. Modern components ensure up-to-date usability.
Thanks to its variety of elements, the modular system adapts optimally to the space requirements and local conditions, regardless of whether it is to be used as an office, recreation room, or for machine housing. The flexible interior design can fulfill many tasks.
There is also a wide scope for variation in size in the modular system: from a small enclosure to a vast complex of buildings, there are many possibilities. A two-storey installation also allows for an effective use of space on a small surface area.
With a custom paint job you not only bestow the mobile room system with an original character, but by request you can let it radiate in your corporate colours.

Our mobile room systems are generally prefabricated at the factory whereby larger buildings are split into several transportable modules which are connected together on site. Thus, the construction phase at the customers´ location is reduced to a minimum, which significantly reduces disruption to your operation.

At WSM you receive detailed advice and service from a single source from the outset. Our sales representatives look at your situation personally and evaluate the possibilities with you. We then plan the room system with modern methods and create detailed drawings in 2D and 3D. We organise transportation and our assemblers take care of the set up at the destination.
At all stages you benefit from our many years of experience.

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