The proven structure for storage and production

The striking exterior of the R-house has been a common sight in the industrial environment for many years. Thanks to its proven longevity and stability in daily use, it is simultaneously low-maintenance and flexible. The WSM modular system allows space solutions to be optimally planned and realised.

  • Robust and easy-care
  • Customisable solution
  • Versatility
  • Optional expandability

Discover timeless values

The R house design has proven itself with over 40 years of experience in action. Nowadays, it is the preferred choice in an industrial environment, and it continues to provide robust protection for supervisor’s offices, control stations, or machine enclosures. The room system is technically up to date, and is made of quality materials in a modular system.

This modular system is the basis for the flexibility and variability of our mobile room systems. It allows for great freedom in design and construction. Variable in size and flexible in design, it can be adapted to fit a wide variety of conditions and requirements. Difficult local conditions, for example in warehouses or production facilities, are taken into account in the planning stage and, thanks to customised solutions, can be optimally utilised. It is up to you how many windows or doors you need. For particularly effective space utilisation two-storey constructions can also be realised, as can construction on stages and substructures.

Another advantageous feature is the portability of your room system: if your environment changes, the R-house can be transported and installed elsewhere. Thus, you remain flexible in overall planning and can respond to internal changes. A further possibility consists in the subsequent expansion or conversion of an existing system, so that you are already well prepared for the future.

The mobility of our room system is also reflected in the delivery. You receive modules in a transportable size that have been prefabricated in the factory. Thus, the on-site construction time is significantly reduced, minimising disruption to your operation. All this is part of our planning with foresight and our comprehensive services.
Our sales representatives look at the situation on the spot and make initial proposals. The detailed planning is then undertaken by our technical experts. Using state-of-the-art software, your mobile room system is depicted in 2D and 3D images. After professional assembly at the factory, we provide transportation and installation by our in-house technicians.
Thus you obtain a practical and flexible room system which reflects WSM´s decades of experience in multi-purpose construction.

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