The economic solution

The “SmartUnit” room system is convincing through its modern sandwich panels in an attractive design and with its simple and thought-through construction. An integrated tongue and groove connection system allows for quick assembly and disassembly. Thanks to prefabricated standard elements the system is deliverable at short notice.

  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • B1 building material class fire protection
  • High cost-effectiveness
  • Short delivery time

A brilliant idea

The “Smart Unit” room system impresses with its modern elements in sandwich design. It is produced from two high-quality steel sheet elements between which there is a filling of polyurethane foam. Thus, the sandwich element attains high strength while maintaining low weight.
The low-maintenance design is attractive and very up to date thanks to elegant colouring: while the sheets shine in white aluminum (RAL 9002), the window and door frames and corner profiles come in a contrasting anthracite grey (RAL 7016).

The “Smart Unit” modular system consists of standardised elements that are attached with the help of a quick tongue and groove connection system. Thus the system is extremely easy to install, saving you considerable time and effort – both during the initial assembly, and for any change of circumstances. You want your office set up somewhere else? Thanks to the plug-in system, no problem. You want to expand? Effortlessly accomplished: the “Smart Unit” is easily disassembled again. In this way you remain completely adaptable and able to respond to any new requirement.

The implementation of the sandwich panels even provides one more great advantage: the materials used ensure a high fire protection of building material class B1 (C – s3 d0 according to DIN EN 13501 -1) and thus provide increased safety on the job.

From beginning to end the whole system is a highly economic solution. The standardised elements enable the “Smart Unit´s” short delivery time, making short-term implementation of your planning possible.

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