Adaptable and with an eye for detail

High-quality elements in modular design which are perfectly adaptable to any situation. Whether it is a difficult installation situation or a special purpose: thanks to the flexible design and detailed planning with the customer, the “W house” provides a solution for almost everything. Deployable as a recreation room, sanitary facilities, smoking room, control cabin, and much more, the “W house” is the ideal room system for indoor use.

  • Unmatched flexibility
  • Extensive fitting options
  • High expandability
  • Easy to move and re-install

Discover endless possibilities

The “W house” is the prime solution for operational space requirements. Quality elements in a modular system for high adaptability enable individual solutions that are tailored to any requirement. Thus difficult spatial conditions, for example on production lines, can be exploited perfectly. Should the spatial situation change, the “W house” as a mobile room system is transportable and can be installed in a different location. In addition, adjustments in size and shape are possible to use newly created spaces. You have an investment with a guaranteed future that has already proven itself over time.
Two-storey constructions are also possible, as are special elements such as beveled windows and various door and window configurations.

This is all made possible through wall panels of high quality materials which are assembled at the factory in keeping with the modular building block principle. You receive a finished room system that can be installed on site in next to no time. For larger objects, the room system is divided into several transportable prefabricated elements, which only need to be connected and bolted together. Should such a construction not be possible because of space circumstances, our in-house assembly experts install the product, as usual, right on site.

For special applications, the spatial system can be equipped with optional accessories. In addition to flexible technical wiring and various options for light installation and air conditioning equipment, various filter systems, for example, can be installed for use as smoking rooms, clean rooms, or toilet facilities.

All this is possible thanks to detailed planning; from the first contact to handing over the keys you receive a first class service from one source. You are welcome to have our sales representatives visit on site to assess the situation with you and consult over solution possibilities. You then receive depictions in both 2D and 3D, so you will always have the complete picture of your room system. Last but not least, we provide transportation and on-site installation.

You can rely on our excellent services and the high quality of our mobile room systems!

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