Versatile and prestigious

Our mobile room system offers high-grade elements in modular design that adapt perfectly to any situation. Whether challenging installation conditions or for a special purpose: thanks to the flexible design and a detailed plan in consultation with the client, the “W house” provides a solution for almost every circumstance. It can be deployed, for example, as a gatehouse, sales/showroom, utility room or hall extension and thus is the the ideal room system for outdoors.

  • Customised solution
  • Versatile application
  • Optional expandability

Discover new spaces

The “W house” is a quality solution for a wide range of room requirements. Prestigiously as a unique gatehouse, welcoming as a salesroom or practically as an extension to the operations area: this room system enables you to fulfil a variety of functions and take advantage of hitherto unused space. Thanks to the thought-through modular system the “W house” has many faces and is also extremely flexible in terms of installation. The type of individual elements is as versatile as their arrangement possibilities. They range from a free-standing installation up to hall additions and from small shops up to two-storey buildings. The materials used are top quality and ensure value retaining longevity.
You thus receive a finished room system that can be installed directly on site in no time. For larger objects, the room system is divided into several transportable prefabricated elements which only need to be put together and bolted. If such an installation is not possible for space reasons, our technical experts can, of course, assemble right on site.

From the first contact to handing over the keys, you receive first class service from a single source. Starting with extensive consulting, gladly from our sales representative at your business site, via detailed product drawings (also in 3D) to the transport and installation at the destination: we support you through the whole process with guidance and resources.

You can rely on our competent service and the high quality of our mobile room systems!

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