MultiRoom Basic/Eco - Room solution in the right position

Chess, a timeless game of strategy and flexibility, where every move must be well thought out and players are always adapting to changing conditions. Our Mobile room systems are the counterpart in the world of operational space planning. In warehouses, production facilities or factories, they are the powerful train that gives you maximum adaptability and efficiency.

Step by step to the finished system

Our modular systems are quick to assemble, transportable and expandable - a move that will revolutionize your space organization. Our products are solid, timeless and tailored for rugged everyday use. That is why well-known companies, from medium-sized businesses to international corporations, rely on our system solutions. You too can trust our quality, adherence to deadlines and competent service.

We open the next batch with the new MultiRoom room system. As a successful newcomer, this system demonstrates its capabilities in various classes: from the low-cost Basic variant to the configurable Eco models and the all-rounders Professional and Premium.

In this opening phase we present you the Basic and Eco versions. Specially designed for Indoor, they impress with their quick availability, robustness and easy set-up on site.

Look forward to the king of room systems.
Discover the unique features of MultiRoom, which will master your operational planning and ensure you win on the chessboard of room solutions.

Stay agile

Repositioning without time-consumingof disassembly of the room.

Open up accesses

Convenient access thanks to spacious entrance.

Jump over barriers

Effortless positioning with forklift or overhead crane.

Maintain excellence

Easy floor plan expansion and element change.

Act smart

Efficient and clean workspacefor multiple applications.

Maintain efficiency

Unbeatable cost-benefit solution for acute space needs.

Speed gain for your working environment

Speed and flexibility count not only in speed chess, but also in the working world. Our new MultiRoom room system helps you react efficiently to changes and quickly set up or adapt a workstation.

With an impressive delivery time of 4 weeks for the Basic variant (6 weeks for the Eco variant), you can enjoy the benefits of the system without a long wait. There is no need for costly special transport, as the room modules are already designed for truck transport.

When requirements change, the mobility of the MultiRoom is crucial: It can be effortlessly repositioned with a forklift or overhead crane without time-consuming disassembly, so you can remain flexible in your space planning at all times.

The MultiRoom also scores with its practical features: The intelligently integrated power and network connections from the electrical packages enable uncomplicated commissioning so that you can concentrate on the essentials.

Discover the benefits of the MultiRoom room system and experience how it enriches and optimizes your working environment.

  • Favorable purchase price
  • Short delivery time
  • Fast positioning
  • Easy transport

Full focus on your game

Just as chess grandmasters need calm and concentration to achieve peak performance, a quiet workplace also plays a crucial role in everyday working life. Our MultiRoom focuses on ergonomics and efficiency and creates ideal conditions for productive work.

The room-within-a-room effectively protects against disruptive noise with high-quality insulation and glazing, creating a work environment where concentration and creativity can flourish. The optional wall convector offers you the possibility to regulate temperature individually, so you can always create the optimal atmosphere for you and your team, regardless of the conditions in the hall.

Customized LED lighting, complemented by professional lighting design, provides pleasant and uniform light that relieves eye strain and increases well-being in the workplace.

The spacious entrance door allows easy, barrier-free access to the room system, so that all employees can enter and leave their workplace without any problems.

Take the opportunity to design your workplace according to your needs - ergonomic, efficient and focused to get the best out of your team.

  • Barrier free access
  • Easy cleaning
  • Good sound insulation
  • Excellent insulation

Think sustainable, act royal

An entrepreneur with foresight thinks several moves ahead with an eye to the future. When choosing a room system, quality, robustness and durability are the most important factors to consider.

Our MultiRoom mobile room system is based on a solid steel structure. This not only gives it mobility, but also an exceptionally long service life. TÜV-certified welding experts and the "Designed by WSM" seal of quality vouch for the highest quality.

The quick on-site installation of the prefabricated modules avoids production downtimes and does not disrupt workflows. Set up, connect, ready.

The modular design allows you to adapt the room system to your individual needs and expand it as needed. The MultiRoom grows with your requirements, giving you maximum flexibility.

However, if an element is damaged due to external circumstances, it can be replaced directly on site in just a few steps. This provides you with a reliable and powerful system,
that will meet your needs for decades.

The MultiRoom is the investment that will take you and your projects further.

  • Long life
  • Interchangeable wall elements
  • Developed in Germany
  • Certified production processes

No limits for your next steps

Comparable to the diverse pieces of a chess game, the MultiRoom unfolds its brilliant potential in the most diverse areas of application.

Whether as a modern office, efficient workshop, innovative basic laboratory, inspiring training room, functional changing room, relaxing break room, secure archive, vitalizing fitness room or well-organized small parts store - with the MultiRoom, there are no limits to your imagination of room design.

Opt for the customized "Eco" variant, which allows you to individually design the floor plan and wall structure. Upgrade your MultiRoom technically as well - choose between the "Starter Plus" and "Office Plus" electrical packages and benefit from optimal lighting, pleasant heating, sufficient power outlets and reliable network connectivity.

Create your personal room world and master your challenges with the MultiRoom - the step that takes your business one step further.

  • Modular construction
  • Freely selectable wall elements
  • Preconfigured electrical packages
  • Modern design

MultiRoom Basic
Standard configurations

Like a chess master who plans his opening moves precisely in advance, we have developed four basic variants that can be produced and used quickly thanks to optimized production processes: our Basic models. These models are standardized in floor plan and wall construction, guaranteeing quick delivery in as little as 4 weeks - a learned move for acute space needs.

Our MultiRoom Basic offers room areas from 5 to 15 square meters to quickly create temporary or permanent workspaces that serve as individual offices, team areas, meeting rooms or workshops.

MultiRoom Basic 5


8 elements
4 x glass wall elements
3 x solid wall elements
1 x door

Item number:

Width: 2280 mm
Height: 2680 mm
Depth: 2280 mm
Surface area: 5.2m2

MultiRoom Basic 7


10 elements
5 x glass wall elements
4 x solid wall elements
1 x door

Item number:

Width: 3390 mm
Height: 2680 mm
Depth: 2280 mm
Surface area: 7.74m2

MultiRoom Basic 10


12 elements
6 x glass wall elements
5 x solid wall elements
1 x door

Item number:

Width: 4560 mm
Height: 2680 mm
Depth: 2280 mm
Surface area: 10.4m2
(1 permanent workstation according to ASR)

MultiRoom Basic 15


14 elements
7 x glass wall elements
6 x solid wall elements
1 x door

Item number:

Width: 4560 mm
Height: 2680 mm
Depth: 3390 mm
Surface area: 15.45m2
(2 permanent workplaces according to ASR)

Accessories electrical packages

Our tailor-made addition to the MultiRoom Basic is as electrifying as a good game of chess.

With the optional "Starter Plus" electrical package, you can fully exploit the potential of your rooms: With the modern LED lighting that illuminates every nook and cranny and the electric wall convector that ensures a pleasant indoor climate.

If you need a networked work environment, the "Office Plus" package is just what you need. This package includes network ports that allow smooth communication between your devices.

In MultiRoom Eco, you can even customize the configuration of the power and network connections to suit your specific needs.

Starter Plus Office Plus
Elektroverteilung 3-reihig bestückbar mit max. 36 Automaten
Schutzkontaktsteckdose zweifach24
Elektro-Wandkonvektor 2 kW mit
stufenlosem Temperaturwähler und Thermostat
Netzwerkdose RJ45 zweifach12
PG Verschraubung
Passende RaumsystemeAlleAb 10 m2 Fläche

MultiRoom Eco
Individual configuration

The requirements for a room system are as individual as each move. With the MultiRoom Eco, you can customize your room to suit your own needs. Choose from different sizes and wall configurations.

Unleash the potential of your unused space and design your rooms exactly the way you've always wanted.

Solid wall element

The wall elements of the MultiRoom Basic/Eco are made of galvanized, gray-white sheet steel (RAL 9002) on the outside and a white derived timber product board on the inside. They provide sound and thermal insulation with 40 mm thick mineral wool insulation. Fire protection class A2 (according to DIN 4102) ensures maximum safety.

Door element

The generous door allows optimal access. It consists of a 40 mm thick door leaf made of galvanized steel sheet, special corner frame, lock and lever handle. The high-quality surface is resistant, stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Fixed glazing

Walls with integrated windows provide bright rooms. They are equipped with 5 mm thick toughened safety glass (ESG) and framed with an anthracite gray aluminum profile (RAL 7016).

Sliding window

The wall element with sliding window is suitable for quick pass-throughs. It consists of two panes of toughened safety glass (ESG) in a sturdy, anthracite gray aluminum frame (RAL 7016). The window can be opened to the left.

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