Small footprint for lots of protection

Hot-dip galvanized flat roof steel structure with 2.25 or 4.67 sqm footprint and back and side walls made of high quality corrugated PVC. For self-assembly and for dowelling.

The "Jena" roofing system offers plenty of protection from wind and weather on a choice of 2.25 or 4.67 square meters of floor space. Used as a smoking shelter, it also helps protect non-smokers in businesses, hospitals or government offices. The inexpensive, hot-dip galvanized flat-roof steel construction has two or optionally three side elements, made of high-quality corrugated polycarbonate, and has practical lean-to brackets. The system is reasonably priced and can be delivered quickly. Stand ashtrays or waste garbage cans are available as accessories. "Jena" is supplied as a kit, together with a foundation plan and assembly instructions. Variant "Jena Maxi" with double space available.

  • Hot dip galvanized flat roof steel structure
  • Two sizes with 2.25 or 4.76 sqm footprint requirements
  • Rear/side walls made of high-quality corrugated polycarbonate
  • Maxi variant with double the space available
  • Accessories offer for smoking shelters

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