Robust and easy to maintain – full deployment where it’s needed.

The “Frankfurt” shelter system is the worker among our shelters. In every location where endurance and ease of maintenance are called for, that is where you´ll find our robust and solid model with its distinctive character. Whether in use as a filling station or a machine shelter, or in service as a classic waiting shelter, the “Frankfurt” shelter system is as versatile as ever.

It all began with the “Frankfurt” model. When our company founder Walter Solbach made the first shelters in 1969, he used elements from showcase construction and so gave the “Frankfurt” shelter system its unique character. This was so influential that its shape and style has found many imitators. Many decades later “the Frankfurt” is still a useful canopy, especially where the going gets rough. Whether as a machinery and equipment shelter in an industrial environment, providing shelter and splash protection for service stations, or as a classic bus shelter – with this model, you get an absolutely resistant and long-lasting weather protection. Should a shock be too hard: many parts can be replaced or repaired easily.

The design is also great for giving your company that special touch. Your company colours can easily be applied with a custom paint job to showcase your desired brand identity and feeling.

  • Proven for over 45 years
  • Robust and easy-to-maintain
  • Custom design thanks to a large colour selection
  • Ideal as a machine and service station canopy

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