Weather protection with a small footprint

The “Jena” is our most compact model: 2.25 m² is enough. Available at short notice you will receive a small, robust enclosure that can withstand wind and weather and, with its practical armrests, comfort is not neglected either. Available with two or three side elements of high quality corrugated polycarbonate, “Jena” not only offers protection from the weather, but a bright, pleasant atmosphere as well.

  • Particularly compact
  • Inexpensive and with fast delivery
  • Comfortable armrests
  • Optional with 3 side walls and RAL powder coating

Discover the quick solution for a small space

You are looking for a simple, readily available, and space-saving solution to the requirements for the smoke free regulations? Here, the “Jena” offers all its advantages.

With only 2.25 m² of floor space, the shelter is especially suitable for limited available space or a small number of people. Under the weather-resistant design they will be able to find protection in all weather conditions. The basic model has two side walls of corrugated transparent polycarbonate, which provide sufficient brightness inside and additionally come with a comfortable armrest. The sturdy steel frame is galvanized and is thus protected from rust.
Optionally available are another side wall with armrest and powder coating in grey-white (RAL 9002). As with our other shelter types, a wide range of additional accessories are available, such as standing ashtray and rubbish bin.
The “Jena” is delivered in kit form, together with a foundation plan and installation instructions.

When a little more space is available, the “Jena Maxi” variant offers double the space with the same advantages!

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Technical Specs

FeatureJena / Jena Maxi
Roof shapeflat roof, roof frame height 150mm
Roof lengthto 2950 mm
Roof depth1545 mm
Total height2357 mm
Clearance (usable int. height)2350 mm
Roof materialstrip galvanised und powder coated both sides in grey white similar to RAL 9002
Construction materialsteel construction, posts and wall supports out of square tubing
Construction surfacegalvanised and optionally colour coated
Colour designRAL 9002
Rear wallhigh quality corrugated PVC
Side wallshigh quality corrugated PVC
Drainagefree drip draining
Mounting typefor bolting
Pavingnot possible
Snow load on the baseto 0.75 kN / m²
Transportas a kit for assembly on-site
Statics typification

Small is beautiful - that may be a cliché, but it fits our "Jena" shelter system perfectly. Most of our customers who opt for the "Jena" use it as a smoking shelter and are very happy with it. The system requires very little space, is stable and has an excellent price-performance ratio. Of course, we also offer the obligatory accessories such as standing ashtrays and dustbins.

Otmar Lange
Area Sales Manager
Key Account Manager