The economic platform with nearly unlimited expandability

Simplicity is the great strength of the “Siegen” shelter system. The inexpensive basic system is quickly and easily erected. Hence, one inherits a practical shelter, particularly useful for bicycles and stock goods, in a very short time. Expanding this model is just as easy, be it with attachments or entire units. For those who think big, our shelter also comes at twice the width.

  • Fast delivery
  • Cost-effective system
  • Easy extendability
  • Versatile

Discover the advantage of simplicity

If you are looking for a practical and inexpensive shelter, our “Siegen” model is the right one for you. The basic system focuses on the fundamentals: galvanised steel round tubing construction. Two purlins support the weatherproof trapezoidal sheet metal mono-pitch roof.

However, the “Siegen” also offers much more. Optional rear and side walls provide for maximum protection from wind and rain. The side elements are of transparent polyester bolted to the tubing, while one has an option of corrugated PVC or trapezoidal sheet metal for the back wall.
This model also fulfils the need for more space, either through the double-width variant or the combination of several units. For the use of both sides an optional gutter is available. This is attached to the rear end of the roof panel and includes a downpipe.

The snow load of 75 kg/m² proves that the “Siegen” is more than just a simple shelter. A reliable and long-lasting weather protection for everything that should not be directly exposed to the weather. It is delivered quickly, easily assembled, and absolutely economical. A shelter focused on the essentials.

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Technical Specs

Roof shapepent roof
Roof lengthfrom 2145mm custom extendable, extension increment 4,300 mm
Roof depth2,330 mm or 4,660 mm
Total height2250 mm
Clearance (usable int. height)2200 mm
Roof materialstrip galvanised und powder coated both sides in grey white similar to RAL 9002
Construction materialround tube frame construction
Construction surfacehot dip galvanized
Colour design
Rear walltrapezoidal sheeting, metal panels or corrugated PVC
Side wallstrapezoidal sheet metal or polyester
Drainagedroplets towards the rear (rain gutter and downspout optional)
Mounting typefor bolting
Pavingnot possible
Snow load on the baseto 0.75 kN / m²
Transportas a kit for assembly on-site
Statics typification

It does not always have to be a complex solution, often simplicity is more. In our "Siegen" model you receive an inexpensive, uncomplicated and versatile shelter for bicycles or stock. Quick to build, yet very stable and reliable: Case in point; the good snow load value of 75 kg /m². Our customers are often positively surprised by the realisation of how much material can be covered with the "Siegen". The system can be built both in double-width or extended by combining multiple units.

Keywan Robati
Head of International Sales
Key Account Manager