The timeless gabled roof has proven weather protection

The classic roof shape of the “Zurich” stands for proven weather protection, whether in rain or snow. The glass roof panels make for a bright atmosphere. A multiple water flow through the tubes of the corrosion-resistant steel frame ensures discreet rain dissipation. “Zurich” is available in variable sizes and there is a cantilever roof variant available, making it suitable for many applications: as a commuter shelter, a vending machine shelter, or an elegant carport.

  • Striking roof construction
  • Roof available as longitudinal and transverse variants
  • Individual design thanks to large colour selection
  • Versatile

Discover a roof for your ideas

The “Zurich” has the distinctive roof form of many houses: the gabled roof, thus utilising a centuries old tried-and-true architectural form. Snow and rain are specifically and evenly dispersed, better distributing the load on the roof structure through this proven principle. The subtly integrated gutters mean rain is guided into the galvanized steel construction and out of ground-level spouts providing controlled drainage. The roof features large, clear laminated safety glass panels in which guests can bathe in a bright atmosphere.

Made to your individual requirements, the configuration of the corrosion-protected steel beam is variable. Thus a cantilevered roof construction is also possible, which is often used for bicycle parking. However, special support forms for using the shelter as a carport can also be obtained on request. The side elements are also flexible. By default, these are supplied in clear toughened safety glass, however there is the option to replace these with a material which, for example, offers more privacy or leaves the sides completely open. And of course you can set an accent by selecting a colour from our extensive RAL range.
In addition, we also offer the possibility to supply the roof in transverse direction, which lends itself to structures with a shallow depth.

Additionally, we also offer a wide range of accessories, providing the perfect complement for the intended use. No wish goes unfulfilled.

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Technical Specs

Roof shapegable roof
Roof lengthfrom 3000 mm can be extended, extension through 1500 mm
Roof depth
Total height
Clearance (usable int. height)
Roof materiallaminated safety glass
Construction material
Construction surfacehot-dipped galvanised and colour coated
Colour designRAL of your choice (except pearl and signal colours)
Rear wallsingle-paned toughened glass
Side wallssingle-paned toughened glass
Drainagevia spouts
Mounting typefor bolting (for concrete embedment on request)
Pavingpossible (please specify)
Snow load on the baseto 0.85 kN/m, higher snow loads on request
Statics typification

You know this roof. Our "Zurich" model offers our customers an absolutely classic roof form, which is also very often chosen as a cantilever version. As a public transport shelter, this roofing system offers every comfort: reliable protection from the weather, a bright atmosphere and a wide range of accessories. Our customers also love the opportunity to adapt the system to their individual needs with their choice of colours to suit.

Keywan Robati
Head of International Sales
Key Account Manager