GreenPlus Premium as a single module

Module tubs made of recycled HDPE, planted with natural plant community.

Artikelnummer: 102200035

Size: 400 × 80 × 246 (width x height x depth)


Our GreenPlus Premium roof system consists of modules made of recyclable HDPE material. The modules fit precisely into the trapezoidal sheet metal roofing of our room systems and roofing, which means that no assembly work is required. They are filled with a special growing substrate that provides vegetation with the right amount of nutrients. The addition of flowering plants provides additional food and habitat, making this option especially bee and insect friendly. The sedum plant mix is low maintenance as well as winterproof and does not require additional watering, eliminating gardening chores. For cultivation, we rely on the experience of our partner companies. Green roofs offer many advantages, including noise reduction, air purification and water retention.


Artikelnummer: 102200035

Model variant: GreenPlus Premium as a single module
Size: 400 × 80 × 246 (width x height x depth)

Base area

0.11 m²


Sedum plant mix with flowering plants

Base material

Recycled HDPE

For model

Roofing and room systems with trapezoidal sheet roofing

Accessory type

Green roof

Registered design (EU)

30 2021 105 158.0


7 kg


246 × 400 × 80 mm