Shelter Systems

Reach your goal faster with WSM

The good order situation combined with a shortage of resources, the well-known shortage of skilled workers and bottlenecks in logistics are now factors that severely affect delivery dates in the metal industry.

We meet this challenge with new production and sales processes, with intelligent logistics and future-oriented warehousing. Measures that make sense.

We are therefore already able to guarantee shorter delivery times for our popular “Cologne” shelter system – of course with the same high production quality.

K3 b/c – Standard
assembly kit

K3 b/c – Standard
already assembled

Köln K3 b/c – Standard – fertig montiert

K3 a/e – Sondervariante
on request

Köln K3 a/e – Sondervariante – auf Anfrage


Neben der Verkürzung der Lieferzeiten für die Modellreihe „Köln“, erhalten Sie unsere Überdachung „Jena“ bereits innerhalb von 10 Arbeitstagen geliefert.

Christian Mortsiefer
Sales Manager Shelter and Bicycle Parking Systems
Authorized Signatory