Crane unloading with WSM


We need your help for a smooth delivery.

Please check the installation site with regard to the following:

  • The access road and the installation site must be suitable for a weight of 40 t.
  • The passage dimensions to the installation site must be at least 3 m x 4 m (W x H).
  • The truck with trailer needs an area of 3 m x 19 m (W x L) to maneuver.
  • The unloading area for the truck must be at least 8 m x 12 m (W x L).
  • The area between the truck and the installation site must be completely clear. Obstacles (trees, signs, lanterns, fences, etc.) are not allowed.
  • No special features like car parks, canopies or similar may hinder the crane unloading.

Do you have questions about the crane unloading?

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