Cycle „primavera“ is in the air

All of Germany is hauling out their bikes

Spring is just around the corner. The first rays of sunshine are the green light to get back on our bike. Whether it's a modern e-bike, a speedy road racer or a traditional sit-up-and-beg Dutch bicycle – the bike paths are getting more congested. No wonder, since over 4 million new bicycles are sold in Germany every year. Simultaneously, the need for secure parking facilities at home, at the bakery, at the town hall, at the train station or in the company is increasing. This bicycle spring promises another boom year for the two-wheeler industry.

The new catalogue is here (in german)

To coincide with the start of the season, we have published a new catalogue for our bicycle parking systems. Over 84 pages we present the most extensive range of bicycle racks so far: for leaning on, under cover, for hanging, with advertising space or as a garage – the right product for every bicycle and every purpose. Get an overview directly online or download the catalogue as PDF.

What´s new?

Safety bicycle rest system


The bicycle rest system "6000" is new in the range. Deploying the 6000, parking facilities that have to change their location regularly can be realised. Especially in front of train stations or near P+R parking lots, this system offers ample flexibility without ground anchoring.

Lean and lock parker


Although the model number may not suggest it, this is the evolution of the 9700/9800. With rounded corners and colour coating, we have taken the next step in quality and safety with this flat steel bike stand.

Parker with frame rest

0500 XBF

If you remove the wheel brackets from one of our popular bike stands with tip-over protection, it becomes this practical bike rack. There is ample room for all tyre widths and it ensures comfortable and secure parking of almost all types of bicycles due to the extra wide spacing to the next bracket.

Es gibt noch mehr!

Bicycle parking spaces in the state building codes

The federal states agree – bicycle mobility needs infrastructure. New regulations on parking spaces and parking facilities for bicycles are therefore laid down in the state building codes. To give you an overview, in this brochure we have summarised the most important passages of the ordinances for you.

Facts and developments in cycling

Even in Germany, which is supposedly a car country, there are far more bicycles than cars; and this has been the case for several years. According to the German Bicycle Industry Association (ZIV), while 67 million bicycles were counted in Germany in 2005, by 2018 the number had already risen to 75.5 million. You can find more exciting information in the second edition of our e-book on cycling.

Guide to the model parking space statute

Putting a bike rack outside your front door is easy. But how do cities combine parking space planning with traffic development? This handbook for NRW is an important building block for this process. As a model for many bylaws, this guide helps to develop sustainable mobility and demonstrates that bicycle parking is not a niche topic.


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What drives us

Before we jump on our bikes, let our colleague Andreas Hombach have his say. In addition to a brief introduction to the company, in a keynote speech (in german) our expert explains why the bicycle is one of the most important factors for intelligent and sustainable mobility.


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Cyclists have good reason to smile

Did you know that the German "Climate protection through cycling" call for funding applications makes grants of up to 100 percent possible? Or that there are grants for the purchase of e-cargo bikes for bicycle-based freight transport? The National Climate Protection Initiative (NKI) provides many lucrative funding measures for companies, municipalities, clubs, associations and even private individuals. You can find out more in the BMVI's funding primer.

News posts

Anlehnparker mit Fahrrad und Fahrradschloss

With lock and tactic vs. bicycle theft

“That will get stolen anyway” is a common argument against quality bicycles. Yet, must one let the joy of cycling be spoiled by fear? No way! One only need follow one or two simple tips for the bike to stay where it belongs.

Cyclists in urban traffic

Cycling promotion – newcomer with distinction

Mayor Rolf Kieser from Brackenheim can be proud. The city council of the city in Baden- Württemberg has put up a great performance in the nationwide “Stadtradeln” (“City Cycling”) competition.

Fahrradfahrer unterwegs auf Fahrrad-Fahrstreifen

Small means of transport with a great future

200 years ago, the inventor Karl Drais from Baden introduced his first balance bicycle, the prototype of all means of muscular mobility – the ancestor of all bicycles.

Roofing Bamberg with two parked bicycles

Baden-Württemberg prescribes bike parking spaces

Baden-Wuerttemberg sets new trends: bicycle promotion starts there right on its doorstep. According to the new building code which came into force yesterday, in the future every builder of private houses must also provide reasonable bicycle parking spaces.

A bicycle carousel with adjusted bicycle wheels

A well-rounded matter: the new bike carousel from WSM

Companies, municipalities and landlords want to offer cyclists safe and comfortable parking spaces using the smallest possible space.

Freight bicycle of the courier express parcel service (KEP)

From the micro-depot to the front door

Imagine your postman delivering your mail with a 7.5 tonne truck and your pizza reached you in the same way. That does not make sense, you would probably say, and rightly so.

Cyclists in urban traffic

Why employees should be on bikes

Thomas Cook does it, DHL also and Google Germany in any case: they support their employees in the acquisition and use of bicycles and e-bikes. Even smaller companies have long recognised the benefits of bicycle mobility.

Man on e-bike in city traffic

Bike republic Germany

In present-day German there is much talk of hysteria: topics, questions, problems and dangers suddenly appear, escalate in the social public eye only to soon become forgotten again.

Grafik zum AGFS-Kongress 2020

AGFS Congress 2020: Parking as the main issue

Once again, the AGFS (Arbeitsgemeinschaft fußgänger- und fahrrad-freundlicher Städte, Gemeinden und Kreise in NRW) was delighted with a record number of participants: over 700 participants accepted its invitation to the congress in Essen on 27 February.

Advertising bicycle stand with parked bicycle

On the way to advertising

The study is no longer current, but it should still be relevant: 90 percent of Germans are in public space every day. This finding was made by the market research institute infas in 2008 on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development.

Bicycle Parking Systems

When mobility takes a break. Space-saving bicycle racks for industry, commerce and public spaces. Ready for delivery in 24 hours.

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