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An environment worth living in for all citizens – from young to old. An appealing cityscape, attractively designed green spaces, functional infrastructures for local transport. There are many cities that have successfully adapted to demographic change with successful accomplishments. WSM is involved in numerous projects for urban beautification and optimisation. Over 60 years of experience in the design of public spaces qualify WSM as a competent partner. In addition, WSM coordinates projects from A to Z. For those responsible, this means: security in terms of deadlines, costs and realisation.

Städte und Kommunen
  • Local public transport is obliged by law to provide barrier-free access throughout Germany by 2022
  • WSM has about 60 years of experience in the construction of street furniture, especially in bus shelters for local public transport
  • The modular systems from WSM come from one source – all street furniture components harmonise with one another

Interview with WSM experts

Christian Mortsiefer, Sales manager for shelter and bicycle parking systems

Mr. Mortsiefer, bus and tram stops are being extensively built or rebuilt everywhere. Why?

The local public transport system is obliged to create barrier-free access throughout Germany by 2022, thus implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. This will require considerable construction work in some cases. Outdated shelters will also be replaced or modernized in the process.

Why should decision makers choose WSM?

We have about 60 years of experience in the construction of street furniture, in particular for bus and tram stops for public transport. Furthermore, we know the requirements and latest standards for bus stops and can therefore provide our partners with comprehensive support and security. In this way, we ensure that the projects succeed and protect clients from unplanned and unnecessary follow-up investments.

What other advantages are there?

Our modular systems come from one source. This means that all street furniture components harmonise with one another. They can be flexibly adapted and expanded at any time. The main advantage, however, is certainly the outstanding quality of our products and the durability they offer.

Are you looking for solutions for cities and municipalities?

We would be pleased to support you in your planning.


For landscape architects

Inspiration and freedom of design

The special recognition at the 2017 Red Dot Design Awards for the elegant design of a shelter system is representative of the timeless stylistic idiom of all WSM products. They offer landscape architects excellent opportunities to realise their project according to their individual ideas. To this end, WSM works closely with the landscape design experts right from the idea generation and planning phase. In this way, solutions are created that integrate perfectly into the respective environment or consciously stand out from it.

  • WSM offers efficiently customisable modular solutions or economical custom designs
  • Development of transparent and elegant solutions through consistent focus on form and function
  • WSM assumes responsibility for the entire planning work and thus ensures all-from-one-source processing up to and including installation

Interview with WSM experts

Heinrich Wink, Technical manager for mobile room systems, shelters and bicycle parking systems

Mr. Wink, why is individuality so important for landscape architects?

Every project is different: the natural conditions of the landscape, the environment, the objectives and much more. There are no off-the-peg solutions for landscape architects. Therefore, we offer modular solutions that can be efficiently customised or special custom designs that can be produced economically thanks to our modern organisation and production.

How does one win an "honourable mention" for a shelter system at the Red Dot Design Award?

By consistently focusing on form and function and developing elegant, transparent solutions. This type of design is particularly attractive for landscape architects, since glass and the colour of the structural components are the determining elements for them, offering a maximum of design freedom.

How do you concretely support landscape architects in their work?

We can assume the entire planning work for our systems and thus ensure all-from-one-source processing. For landscape architects, this means: significantly fewer administrative tasks, security in complying with laws and standards on wind and snow load or anchoring in the ground. We also take over the installation.

Are you a landscape architect?

We are happy to support you in your planning.

For general contractors

Planning reliability and international support

WSM is exactly the right partner for general construction contractors thanks to its size, resources and internationality.

WSM covers the entire spectrum: serial production through metal system construction for major international projects, but also intelligent support through tender databases or 3D visualisations as planning aids. Added to this is punctual delivery using our own logistics and professional assembly by in-house fitters.

  • WSM ensures planning reliability for the client through comprehensive expertise
  • Modern supply chain management combined with a strong staff of qualified specialists
  • Scheduled, efficient and optimal processes

Interview with WSM experts

Sonja Weßler, Operations Manager

Ms. Weßler, why is planning reliability so important today?

Laws, regulations and standards are continuously updated. The individual customer can hardly keep an overview on the process. We, on the other hand, are represented in numerous bodies that deal with metal system construction such as DIN committees. All this is incorporated at a very early stage in the conception and design of our products. In this way, our know-how ensures planning reliability for our clients.

In addition to quality, why does your size play a role?

If, for example, a general construction company is planning a roll-out with new shelters for shopping carts for thousands of chain stores, it needs a strong partner with this capacity. We can do all this.

How do you manage that?

Through modern supply chain management in combination with a strong staff of qualified specialists. After all, many processes cannot be automated, but require expertise in metal system construction. We are able to handle every step, and digitalisation within the company provides us with the right support at every point, so that everything runs according to plan, efficiently and optimally.

Are you a general construction company?

We are happy to support you in your planning.


For gardening and landscaping (GaLa) businesses

Tender support and cooperation

In order to fulfil all the requirements between bureaucracy and the building site, garden and landscaping constructors today must be true multi-talents. WSM provides noticeable relief and sustainable success. This begins with support for tenders and extends to partnership-based cooperation in project implementation. Furthermore, common values such as quality and environmental protection link gardeners and landscapers to WSM.

  • WSM provides concrete support through experience and modern software to win tenders
  • Projects can be realised faster and more securely with products from WSM
  • WSM implements projects for outdoor facilities of large retail chains with landscaping companies on-site

Interview with WSM experts

Nadja Hansmann, Sales Manager Information and Display Systems

Ms. Hansmann, how do you relieve garden and landscaping constructors?

With our experience and modern software, we provide concrete help in winning tenders, are involved in the planning and offer not only well thought-out system solutions, but also clear documentation and assembly instructions. This is often neglected by the competition, but it saves GaLa construction companies numerous time-consuming queries. That is why projects can be realised faster and also more reliably with our products.

For WSM, GaLa construction companies can be both customer and contractor. How does that work?

We implement projects for outdoor facilities of large retail chains with GaLa companies on site – for example, when we set up display and information systems or shopping cart canopies, bicycle parking systems and charging stations. We commission local garden and landscaping companies for this purpose because proximity and local knowledge are important. We then work together hand in hand. This creates trust beyond the contract, so that we later receive orders directly from the landscaping companies: a win-win situation.

Are you a GaLaBau company?

We are happy to support you in your planning.

Current Compass Contributions

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GaLaBau 2018 trade fair – a complete success for WSM

By Redaktion | 17. September 2018

With a new visitor record, the GaLaBau 2018 in Nürnberg ended after four successful days on September 15th. For the first time, over 70.000 visitors attended the convention – 10 per cent more than at the last instalment in 2016.

Decoration GaLaBau 2018

GaLaBau 2018 trade fair preview

By Redaktion | 11. September 2018

Full of expectations, the gardening and landscaping industry looks forward to this years GaLaBau.

Kind mit grünem Regenschirm und Gummistiefeln vor herbstlichem Hintergrund

Autumn dreams with WSM

By Redaktion | 30. July 2018

As romantic as autumn is: The change in weather is quite demanding. A canopy, which had to offer protection from the sun and thunderstorms during the summer, now has to weather storms and rain for days on end. Everything that is built outside has to endure wind, dampness and falling temperatures.

WSM-Stand auf der GaLaBau in Nürnberg 2016

Winter pleasures in late summer

By Redaktion | 17. September 2016

The visitors were astonished as they encountered a perfectly wintry ambient at this year’s “GaLaBau” garden and landscaping trade fair in Nuremberg, and that by late summer temperatures.