Roof greening GreenPlus

A plus for people and nature

The modular sustainable roof greening from WSM

Create real added value for people and nature. Promote your positive and sustainable image in times of climate protection with the design protected GreenPlus roof greening system from WSM. The system consists of modules that are easily and securely integrated into the trapezoidal profile sheet metal of our roofs. The modules consist of special tubs which are filled with resistant sedum plants. We supply products equipped with GreenPlus as a complete solution. You can be assured that all our constructions meet the highest static requirements.

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Advantages of GreenPlus

For you, the enviroment and people


Air purification

Green roofs bind fine dust and carbon dioxide (CO2) and break down carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and benzene from diesel and petrol exhaust gases.


Preserving biodiversity

Sedum plants provide new habitat and food for bees, butterflies, beetles, ants and birds.


Insulation effect

The green roof acts as a biological heat shield in summer and as a heat reservoir in winter.

Protection of the roof cladding

The foliage absorbs the solar radiation and thus protects the roof surface and increases its durability.


Storage of precipitation water

Rainwater is retained naturally by setting greywater surfaces free, leading to a relief of the sewage system and minimising the danger of flooding.


Noise reduction

Substrate and plants increase sound insulation because they do not reflect sound. Road, railway and aircraft noise are absorbed naturally.


High cost-effectiveness

Green+ really pays off, as the acquisition costs for the basic construction with higher roof load (70 kg/m2 additional weight) are comparatively very favourable.

GreenPlus Economy

  • Planted cassettes made of recycled HDPE
  • Sedum cassette must always be min. 95% overgrown
  • Pre-planted with up to 16 different Sedum species
  • Plants tolerate even very dry conditions
More information

Everything from a single source: Thanks to the patented green roof system Green+, roofs
receive the same amount of added value. Your advantage: The greening is already done in the
factory - there is no need to call in an external specialist company again. Thanks to an eco-
logical & environmentally friendly jute packaging, your roofing system with the Green+ planting
system will arrive safely and just in time.

The Sedum tray system specially developed by WSM consists of planted cassettes made
of recycled HDPE. Each Sedum tray is pre-planted with up to 16 different Sedum species.
The plants grow on a specially developed substrate. On delivery, the Sedum cassette must
always be min. 95% overgrown. Thanks to the integrated intelligent irrigation system, excess
water can be dispensed, or water can be stored for drier phases. The carrier system of the roof
can easily carry the additional load of max. 280 kg. Like every roof, a green roof needs main-
tenance about twice a year. The WSM system is walkable and durable. A well rooted Sedum
roof does not require any additional water. Sedum plants, also known as stonecrop, are well
able to store water in their leaves and are therefore excellent under various weather conditions.
Only under very dry conditions does the green roof need to be supplied with additional water.

Use the WSM - green roof system Green+ and create your ecological compensation area.

GreenPlus Premium

  • Particularly bee and insect friendly
  • Refined with selected flowering plants
  • Loaded with the exact ratio of the different types
  • Long life due to very mineral substrate
More information

The Green+ Premium version forms a particularly natural plant community. The different sedum secies impress with their long-term stability in the faunistic composition. This makes the green roof particularly bee and insect friendly.

  • Real sage (Salvia officinalis)
  • Soapwort (Saponaria ocymoides)
  • Oregano (Origanum vulgare)
  • Chives (Allium schoenoprasum)
  • Catnip (Nepeta racemosa)
  • Thyme (Thymus praecox)

Each individual sedum tub is loaded with the exact ratio of the different types. Flower colors, plant habitus and flowering dates are specifically combined. This becomes immediately clear through a varied and valuable growth, which is still visible after many years.

The special manufacturing process allows the use of a very mineral substrate. This high mineral content significantly increases the life span of the green roof. Drainage is improved and the risk of foreign growth is reduced.

Completely from one source, completely green

WSM accompanies your green project from planning to transport. Upon delivery, you will receive the finished system complete with integrated roof greening. The roof is already 95 percent covered with growing plants for your immediate use. Furthermore, to ensure that your project is also completely ecologically sustainable, our plant modules are made of recyclable HDPE material and our transport protection is reusable.

The plants:
naturally from experts

We leave nothing to chance and rely on the vast experience and reliability of of our partner companies in the breeding of sedum plants. Pre-cultivated on special substrates, the plants (10 to 16 different species) are particularly robust, winter proof and suitable for a wide range of weather conditions. With just a little water and annual maintenance, your green roof will remain a real statement for environmentally conscious architecture – for generations to come.

Completely ecological and sustainable

The complete green system for your natural roof

Sedum plant mix

Sedum plant mix
The stonecrops store rainwater in their leaves and therefore do not need additional irrigation.

Special cultivation substrate

Special cultivation substrate
With the right amount of nutrients for the vegetation layer, despite the limited depth of the soil layer.

Design protected special tub

Design protected special tub
Robust modules, which are precisely integrated into the trapezoidal sheet metal profile. Manufactured from recyclable HDPE material.

Especially robust trapezoidal profile

Especially robust trapezoidal profile
Reinforces the basic construction to accommodate the additional roof load.

We´ve thought everything through!

Our products are configured for deploying a green roof and therefore meet all the necessary static prerequirements.
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Do you have questions about our Roof greenings?

We are looking forward to supporting you in your planning.

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Create real added value for people and nature. Promote your positive and sustainable image in times of climate protection with the design protected GreenPlus roof greening system from WSM.

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