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The clever solution for modern interior design

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On site quickly

The modern SmartUnit room system consists of various sandwich elements, both lightweight and incredibly stable thanks to their advanced design.

Due to the intelligent plug-in system your customized room solution is ready for use in no time at all. And when should you have to reorganise your production or warehouse processes, the SmartUnit room system reveals its strengths: the plug-in system enables quick and easy dismounting and reconstruction at the new location.

Just as impressive is the SmartUnit‘s high flexibility. If you desire more space, the new room system can be expanded with little effort. Simply add the new elements and you will always have exactly the space you need without having to invest in a new purchase every time.

  • Variety of base elements
  • Custom configuration
  • Optimised for self-assembly
  • Flexible to use
  • Barrier-free access
  • Easily expandable

Flexibly adapted to your needs

Select the appropriate elements according to the desired room size. Whether an entire wall, window or door element – the
diverse range of possible combinations satisfy all wishes. The SmartUnit self-assembly house is always delivered as a complete
room kit with side and roof elements, corner posts, and floor and roof profiles. The room size is always two wall panels in room
depth (2,456 mm) and at least one wall panel (1,306 mm) in space length. The space length can be extended as desired.

  • The inside and outside are made of high quality steel sheets
  • The padding is made of flame-retardant PIR foam in accordance with building material class C - s3, d0 (DIN EN 13501-1), B1 (DIN 4102-1)
  • Tongue-and-groove plug-in system for easy self-assembly
  • Groove length: 20 mm, tongue length: 18 mm
  • Groove width: 41 mm, tongue width: 40 mm

Standard configurations

SmartUnit 8

SmartUnit 10

SmartUnit 12

SmartUnit 14

The economical solution with modern sandwich panels

The SmartUnit‘s modular system consists of standardised elements that are connected by means of a practical tongueand-
groove plug-in system. This makes the system extremely easy to install, which saves you a great deal of time and effort
– both during initial set-up and when making modifications.

You should like to set up your office in a different location? An easy task, thanks to the plug-in system. You would like to expand? No problem at all, the SmartUnit is easy to disassemble. This way, you always remain flexible and can respond to any need.

The entire system is from start to finish a highly economical solution when looking for a practical space. Thanks to its standardised components, the SmartUnit offers quick delivery times, making it possible to implement your planned space in short term

SmartUnit configurator

Plan your individual SmartUnit with our easy-to-use configurator right now.

Create new spaces in no time at all

The entire set-up is completed in a few simple steps. A clear guide helps you during the assembly process. If you do not have time for the set-up, we are happy to offer you support from our specialist staff.

Thanks to the clever tongue and groove plug-in system, the sandwich elements can be plugged together quite simply. In just a short time, the walls are built.

Roof elements

The roof elements are also made of SmartUnit panels. They are firmly set in place by folded roof edge profiles in RAL 7016.

Corner post

For a consistent look, the wall system is completed with a matching corner post in RAL 7016.

Floor profiles

Floor profiles – for stable and secure mounting directly on the floor.

The size of the room

The size of the room is always two wall panels in depth and at least one wall panel in length.

Do you have questions about our Mobile room systems?

We are looking forward to supporting you in your planning.

Current Compass Contributions

Vaccination centre design

Vaccination centre design

By Damian Himmel | 11. February 2021

The SmartUnit enables quick and easy setup of vaccination centres and other temporary healthcare facilities. In so doing, the system can play out its exceptional flexibility.

SmartUnit consisting of 10 elements

Sales media for our SmartUnit

By Redaktion | 24. April 2019

The advantages and benefits of the “SmartUnit” room system are obvious: quick configuration of rooms without specialist knowledge, the low price for individual panels as well as transport and short delivery time within 1-3 weeks.

SmartUnit in a warehouse

SmartUnit – a room system with multifaceted possibilities for indoor use

By Redaktion | 17. November 2017

Thanks to its modular design, the new WSM “SmartUnit” room module is particularly easy to configure and set up. Learn more about the entire system with the clever modules.

Visualization of a room system in a warehouse

WSM’s do-it-yourself house

By Redaktion | 2. August 2017

We are expanding our range of spatial systems with the new “SmartUnit” spatial system. SmartUnit is being offered as a do-it-yourself house and is ideal for self-installation by your customers directly at the setup location.