Forwarding and logistics
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Your route always leads to the desired destination.

As is well known, many roads lead to Rome. But how does a showcase get from Waldbröl to New York? Our goods find their way to the customer in many different ways: with forwarding agents, by parcel service and, in many cases, with our own fleet of trucks. In the case of oversized goods, special transports have to be planned and official permits obtained. If the shipment is to a non-EU country, customs regulations must also be observed.

Whether large or small: clever route planning ensures that our drivers avoid detours and reach their destinations in the best possible order. Legal requirements such as driving and rest times must be strictly adhered to and taken into account. Even if the tour planners can't be held responsible for traffic jams and weather – as the contact person for customers and drivers, anyone planning delivery tours must exhibit nerves of steel and always treat all parties involved fairly and confidently.

Software and the internet support the work of our forwarding and logistics service clerks. However, even the best program cannot replace knowledge of geography, logical thinking and a good general education. Knowledge of English helps to overcome language barriers. A meticulous and responsible autonomous working style and the ability to make appropriate decisions even under time constraints are important prerequisites which will be further trained in practice

In this short film by BR Alpha you can see how vocational training looks like in daily business.

After a successful graduation there is the possibility of a further education to become an economist or a transport specialist in forwarding.

Required qualification: Intermediate education certificate

Training duration: 3 years

Further training description of the IHK Cologne

Please send your application, preferably in writing, to our training manager Katharina Schenk. We are looking forward to it!



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