For the production and logistics of tomorrow

Modern production and logistics require more and more flexibility, whether in the context of lean production or Industry 4.0. WSM offers customized solutions with mobile room systems that are precisely tailored to these future requirements.

Versatile solutions for production

Our Mobile room systems offer a wide range of possibilities: Whether hall offices, control stations, break or meeting rooms, partition walls - we create the required and suitable rooms in production halls and warehouses. We attach great importance to an appealing architecture and a room layout that can be changed at any time.

Dynamic act

In a rapidly changing production landscape, flexibility is the key. Our mobile room systems adapt dynamically to the circumstances. If required, they can be easily transported as a complete unit or disassembled in a very short time and reassembled at another location. This allows you to respond to new requirements at any time and to design your production processes efficiently.

Stability and agility

Stability and agility are at the heart of WSM. Our mobile room systems not only offer robust construction, but also the flexibility to adapt to changing conditions. We know that both are crucial to meeting the challenges of modern production.

Flexible and efficient space solutions

Rely on WSM's many years of experience and expertise in the design of mobile room systems. We support you in making your production and logistics fit for the future. Invest in agile and innovative solutions that give you a competitive edge and optimize your production processes.

Contact us today to learn more about our mobile room systems and their many uses. Together we create a flexible and efficient future for your manufacturing.