WSM - Your partner since 1958

Our roots go back to 1958, when we evolved from traditional blacksmithing into a leading full-service provider in metal systems construction. This story is more than a chronicle of events. It is our foundation on which we have paved the way to international presence.

Tradition meets innovation

What sets us apart is not only our many years of experience and craftsmanship. It is the combination of tradition and innovation that has made us one of the leading full-range suppliers in metal system construction with an international presence for more than half a century. We are committed to our roots and at the same time are ready to break new ground.

Our promise: quality and fairness

Our family business stands for good, honest work and fairness. Customer satisfaction is always at the heart of everything we do and is the driving force behind our success. Loyalty to our company is equally important to us: Our employees are more than just employees - they are part of the WSM family and their average length of service is almost twice as high as in comparable companies.

Open for the future

Our willingness to constantly learn and our alert eye for new requirements and trends shape our optimistic view of the future. As in the beginning - more than five decades ago - we remain true to our core promise: to offer protection, provide guidance and act sustainably. This is our past, this is our present, and this is our future.


The first steps

How our products and the guiding principle of quality in metal came into being and the first steps we took in our history that define us.


Brand WSM arises

The recipe for success and trend-setting values lead us into the future with continuity, while growth with a sense of proportion and from a single source is important to us.


WSM is ready

Just in time for the anniversary year and the third generation change, we have our finger on the pulse and look forward to the future, because WSM is ready.