60 years passion for metal

Emerging out of a traditional blacksmithery, since 1958 our company has developed into one of the leading full-service manufacturers with an international presence in metal system construction.

Good honest work, fairness and a customer-oriented approach are important to us and form the basis for our success. Our practiced corporate culture also includes loyalty to the company: our employees work on average almost twice as long for WSM as workers of comparable companies.

The willingness to continually learn and a constant eye out for new challenges and trends make us optimistic about the future. Just as it was at the beginning – more than five decades ago.

The history of WSM

  • 1958

    Entry in the trades register as a blacksmith shop.

  • 1960

    Expansion of the production to railing, window and door construction (construction blacksmith).

  • 1963

    Company founder Walter Solbach recognises the great advantages of mass production. Construction of pallets for storage of glasses in large numbers.

  • 1967

    Development and production of hinge-less aluminium showcases in Morsbach. The information systems product range comes into existence.

  • 1969

    Production of the first canopy systems.

  • 1970

    In the 70´s bicycle stands were sold together with a Dutch partner. WSM produces matching roofing for them, and so the fourth product range has emerged: bicycle parking systems.

  • 1973

    Founding of the WSM GmbH in July 1973, with the directors Walter Solbach and Leopold Wendler. The manufacture of roofing is moved into a new facility at Waldbröl.

  • 1974

    From the demand for closed canopies emerges the new “modular room systems” product sector. Here WSM sets new standards in the market. With the “R-House” a classic is created.

  • 1979

    At 19 yr. Peter Solbach enters the company founded by his father.

  • 1980

    Series production of room systems.

  • 1986

    Completion of our office building.

  • 1993

    Series production of showcases now takes place in a separate processing center in Waldbröl. A first high-bay warehouse storage system radically reduces delivery times for information systems. Room and shelter systems are now mounted in a new 6,000 m² hall.

  • 1997

    WSM founds the METAMAX sister company based in the Czech Březnice. Thus, WSM can continue to produce the labor-intensive component groups at competitive prices and maintain the same high-quality standards and delivery reliability.

  • 2000

    First certification according to DIN ISO 9001.

  • 2007

    After the retirement of the founding generation there is a restructuring process. Under the SOLIT GmbH umbrella the companies of the group continue their growth.

  • 2008

    Werner Schenk, son-in-law of Walter Solbach, is appointed as additional managing director.

  • 2009

    Introduction of new ERP software to improve sales and production processes. Networking of customers and suppliers in the areas of master data, interfaces and online communications is significantly improved.

  • 2011

    With the opening of a larger paint shop, the conversion to a particularly environmentally friendly and resource-conserving coating technology takes place, with which new quality standards are set.

  • 2014

    First shelter series pass the related structural inspection. WSM customers thus acquire quality products with type-certified stability verification for load optimised snow and wind values.

  • 2015

    In order to expand our international market position, we have introduced a pioneering adaptation of brand strategy in our group of companies: As of 1st January, 2015 “METAMAX s.r.o.” is renamed “WSM – Czech Republic s.r.o.”.