Bicycle stand

WSM lean-to and bracket parkers offer a lot of comfort and protection. Bicycles here are placed on a sturdy metal bracket, which gives them sufficient stability and connection options for attaching anti-theft devices. This virtually eliminates the possibility of tipping or overturning and thus damaging your own bike or other bikes in the vicinity. For even more theft protection, some model series provide additional steel eyelets or cross tubes to which a bicycle lock can be attached. The designs of city bikes, trekking and mountain bikes, racing bikes and cargo bikes vary greatly - so there are suitable solutions for every purpose and every bike. Bicycle stands from WSM are available in numerous variants, are delivered quickly, are easy to install and can be easily extended.

  • Expansion to a row system possible
  • For setting in concrete or doweling on
  • Space-saving, two-sided arrangement possible
  • Sturdy tubular steel construction, galvanized
  • For any size and type of bike

Bicycle rack

Parking racks, suspended parking racks or double-deck parking racks: Bicycle parking systems from WSM are available in many designs and for different purposes, for use in front of buildings or in basements and garages. Each system is designed for maximum safety, ease of use and durability. To ensure this, we have implemented recommendations from bicycle professionals such as the German Bicycle Club (ADFC) and the strict requirements of DIN 79008 for bicycle parking facilities. Bicycle racks from WSM not only protect bicycles, but also their users from injury and are environmentally friendly - from production to disposal. Their corrosion resistance also guarantees an exceptionally long life builder.

  • Prepared for series connection
  • Alternating low/high setting saves space
  • Self-standing, bolted tubular steel structures
  • For one or two-sided wheel adjustment

Advertising bicycle stands

Successful advertising does not have to be expensive. With promotional Bicycle racks from WSM it succeeds effortlessly: Placed in front of the store, practice, hotel or restaurant, the advertising effect can be seen. And for little money, day after day. Kill two birds with one stone: you offer your customers a convenient and secure parking facility for their bikes and at the same time advertise yourself and your offer. Customer friendliness that pays off! As a manufacturer of display systems, we know what is important: practical formats, perfect protection from sun and moisture, and easy handling. We have built all this in for you.

  • Sturdy construction made of color coated steel tube
  • Corrosion-protected, stable value due to galvanization
  • Integrated, exchangeable advertising space
  • Side rollers for easy relocation

Bicycle lockers

If you love your bike, you protect it. This applies all the more, the more expensive the vehicle was when it was purchased or whether it is an object that one has simply grown fond of. Bicycle lockers from WSM safely protect against theft, destruction and bad weather. And if you want to offer this protection to your guests, employees or customers, you can easily realize complete parking systems with them. At home, at work, on vacation or at the train station, Bicycle lockers from WSM provide safety and comfort. They are available in a wide variety of designs, colors and sizes and are also designed and equipped in accordance with DIN 79008 standards.

  • Robust, powder-coated sheet steel construction
  • Corrosion-protected, stable value due to galvanization
  • Modular design for replacement of individual parts and expansion to a series system


We also offer accessories for our Bicycle parking systems. For example, we offer solutions perfectly matched to our Bicycle parking systems, with which e-bikes can not only be parked safely but also charged at the same time.

  • Charging stations