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Vaccination centre design

The SmartUnit enables quick and easy setup of vaccination centres and other temporary healthcare facilities. In so doing, the system can play out its exceptional flexibility.

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Mar 23 2021


Bicycle theft in Germany

Bicycles have been experiencing a real boom in Germany for some years now. Increasingly entrenched environmental awareness, congested roads, parking problems and better bicycle models (especially with electric motors) have massively increased the popularity of the good old iron horse in the recent past.

Mar 18 2021


Search for funding online with the funding primer: cycling subvention in Germany

The share of road users on two wheels is growing in cities and rural areas. The growing share of bicycle traffic in the total traffic volume is desirable and worthy of support due to its positive aspects for the environment and climate. Cities benefit from better air quality and a better quality of life.

Mar 17 2021


Sales figures for bicycles in Germany in 2020

The German bicycle industry experienced a real boom in 2020. The sales figures for bicycles in Germany had already been rising steadily in the years before. However, the Corona pandemic again brought a whole new impetus to the industry.

Mar 12 2021


RAL: Transparency (not only) for colours

Idioms often aren’t particularly accurate: if someone does something “once in a blue moon” and another person is supposed to be “green behind the ears”, then it is up to the individual to decide which colours are meant.

Mar 8 2021


Climate-neutral transport with GLS

Now we have it black and white, or better, in green on blue – our parcel shipping is also environmentally friendly! Between January and December 2020, we actively participated in the GLS Klima-Protect program and thus implemented our parcel shipping via General Logistics Systems Germany GmbH & Co. OHG climate-neutrally.



Kontakte zu Personen, die dem eigenen Unternehmen angehören, kann und möchte man in der Regel nicht vermeiden. Erfahren Sie wie Sie sich und Ihre Mitarbeiter ganzheitlich schützen können.

Mar 3 2021


Confirmed: certified quality with ISO 9001:2015

In the field of corporate quality management, one standard in particular has gained worldwide acceptance: ISO 9001. Since 1979, standards like these have helped companies improve their performance at all levels. Numerous benefits await those who implement the requirements.

Feb 19 2021


Space requirement of a shelter

Especially in the cold and wet seasons, the question arises whether existing shelters for passengers, customers and employees offer sufficient space or whether investments should be made in new stops or shelters. To be able to determine the need, we propose a basis for calculation.
A person stands in front of a gatehouse

Sep 30 2020

Product development

Safe and friendly welcoming of visitors

Contacts with people who do not belong to one’s own company cannot and usually do not want to be avoided. Employees of parcel service providers and forwarding agents as well as other guests are also welcome in “Corona times”.
Roofing with two entrances and a partition wall

May 10 2020

Product development

Heartfelt encounters

Grandparents, mothers and fathers. Those of them who require support are particularly affected by the Corona crisis – not only in terms of health. For weeks they have been suffering from having to live in isolation. Now the ban on visiting nursing and old people’s homes is being relaxed, simultaneously bringing new challenges with it.
A top down view of a shelter with a green roof

Apr 28 2020


A plus for people and nature

Create real added value for people and nature. Promote your positive and sustainable image in times of climate protection with the design protected GreenPlus roof greening system from WSM.
A spit guard with a pass-through stands on a reception counter

Apr 21 2020

Product development

Despite distance, close to the customer

There will also come a time after the shutdown. Even now, in Germany, selected businesses are being allowed to open their doors to customers. Shop owners are required to implement special hygiene measures.
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