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In our new main catalog for roofing systems, we bring together what belongs together.

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Dec 6 2021

Product development

VeloHUB wins German Design Award

The VeloHUB initiative, created by the strategic design agency DesignIt, is the winner of a German Design Award 2022! With the “Special Mention” award in the category “Excellent Architecture / Urban Space and Infrastructure”, the international jury honored the concept to further develop public parking spaces into multidimensional mobility hubs.

Oct 11 2021


Trade fair and congress for municipal supplies

At 20. and October 21, 2021, KOMMUNALE, nationwide trade fair and congress, will transform the Exhibition Center in Nuremberg into the marketplace for cities and municipalities.

Aug 31 2021


WSM at the IAA Mobility 2021

This year, the International Motor Show (IAA) will be held in Munich for the first time. Recently declining visitor numbers and critical voices accusing the trade show of focusing on individual mobility that is predominantly harmful to the environment and outmoded have prompted the organizers to leave their traditional location in Frankfurt/Main and turn even …

WSM at the IAA Mobility 2021 Read more »

Aug 18 2021

Product development

WSM presents the VeloHUB initiative

In our car-oriented city centers, urban and traffic planners have to look for new solutions on every available square meter of space. In this context, it is important to promote environmentally friendly mobility for cyclists and pedestrians as well. To contribute to this, WSM is a partner in the VeloHUB initiative

Jun 5 2021

Sales promotion

Extended manufacturer’s warranty “Cologne

“Quality in metal” is not just an addition under our brand name, it is rather a principle that we live every day at WSM. With the knowledge and experience for over 60 years in metal system construction, we ensure that our products provide you with many years of protection and high security.



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May 7 2021

Sales promotion

Fresh from the printing press

The new main catalog for information and display systems is here! With 102 pages, this medium represents our most comprehensive product range to date for display cases, showcases, guidance systems, folding frames and customer stoppers.

Apr 22 2021


Perspectives for tomorrow’s construction

From 19.04. until 14.05.2021 Heinze presents the 3rd edition of the virtual ArchitekTOUR. In this round we present our mobile room systems to the audience.

Apr 16 2021

Sales promotion

Who has the choice … configured

The right solution for every requirement, without having to develop an elaborate special design – a claim that we live by every day in metal system construction.

Apr 13 2021


Special “City and Country” Program

The Climate Protection Program 2030 for the implementation of the Climate Protection Plan 2050 has been supplemented by the federal government with another current individual program – the Special Urban and Rural Program for an area-wide bicycle infrastructure.

Apr 1 2021

Sales promotion

Shipping now with tracking

A customer-oriented shipping strategy does not only include on-time delivery. Secure packaging, detailed shipment tracking or environmental protection are important factors in logistics.

Mar 29 2021


The National Climate Protection Initiative

The importance of climate protection has become increasingly significant for our society in recent years. The implementation of climate protection measures can be particularly successful if they are supported by the public sector.

Mar 23 2021


Bicycle theft in Germany

Bicycles have been experiencing a real boom in Germany for several years. Increasingly entrenched environmental awareness, congested roads, parking problems and better bicycle models (especially with electric motors) have massively increased the popularity of the good old wire bike in the recent past.

Mar 18 2021


Search for funding online with the funding guide: cycling funding in Germany

In urban and rural areas, the proportion of road users on two wheels is growing. The growing share of bicycle traffic in the total traffic volume, with its positive aspects on the environment and climate, is desirable and worthy of promotion. Cities benefit from better air values and a higher quality of life.

Mar 17 2021


Sales figures for bicycles in Germany 2020

The German bicycle industry experienced a real boom in 2020. The sales figures for bicycles in Germany had already been rising steadily in the preceding years. However, the Corona pandemic then brought a whole new lease of life to the industry.