Master offices

Mobile, modular master offices from WSM are easy to set up in factory buildings and warehouses - highly flexible and without compromising on function, comfort and protection.

Master offices

Foremen are indispensable in industry - even in highly automated, almost deserted factories. They know the production in detail, ensure that targets and specifications are met, work out creative solutions even for unforeseen problems and, last but not least, they are the sought-after contact person for their teams on site. You can see them talking to employees at machines and equipment or in their foreman's office. This should be positioned exactly where the foreman has the optimum overview of his area of responsibility. And since this changes from time to time due to production changeovers, the foreman's office should be able to change its location or be installed in a place with a view of the entire hall.

Mobile room systems

Turnkey and individually planned.
Delivery and assembly by our qualified personnel.

Enormously adaptable

A mobile, modularly designed master office from WSM can quickly and easily change its location, allowing a change of perspective, for example, when the layout of production facilities changes. The mobile master office can follow this change by simply changing its location by forklift truck or overhead crane. In this way, the foreman is always "up close and personal" with what is happening and the communication channels between employees and foreman remain ideally short.

Small footprint, great flexibility

Mobile, modular master offices from WSM take up little space and can be quickly transported to almost any location. This avoids operational disruptions caused by costly and time-consuming new construction. Thanks to their customizable tubular steel construction, they can also be adapted to "difficult" conditions, for example when supporting pillars are in the way. Of course, elevated master offices are also possible, which can be used to gain space below and from where large areas of the factory floor can be effortlessly overlooked.

Variant master offices

Individual and optimized

In terms of appearance, dimensions and characteristics, mobile, modular master offices from WSM can be individually adapted and optimized for the respective application. Modules allow for expansion or deconstruction as needed. The mobile master office offers everything needed for optimal function.

Advantages of mobile master offices

  • Forklift or crane is enough

    Mobile, modular master offices from WSM can be easily moved to where they are needed using forklifts or an overhead crane.

  • Good in form, perfect in function

    Our mobile, modular master offices can be individually adapted in appearance as well as in dimensions and their characteristics, optimized for the respective application.

  • Nice to look at

    A new mobile, modular master office from WSM can be easily adapted to the specifications of a corporate identity by selecting the appropriate color.

  • Built around the corner

    Only at WSM: Our mobile, modular master offices can be ordered in numerous models in different variants and sizes. The restriction to the ISO space dimensions of freight containers no longer applies.

  • For productive work

    All WSM mobile modular master offices can be equipped with a wide range of equipment options such as windows, doors, air conditioning, lighting and with high insulation factors for sound and temperature.

  • Safe and durable

    Mobile, modular master offices from WSM remain mobile and stable - for years to come. This is ensured by high-quality materials and careful, certified manufacturing.

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