When is a system ground-breaking?

When it is completely thought through.

Nothing is as constant as change.

Our society is characterised by important trends and topics to which we must continuously react. These developments lead to fundamental changes in the working world and in private life.

In product development, we address topics such as mobility, urbanisation, climate change, public health and digitalisation in order to offer future-proof and durable solutions.


Our coronavirus solutions

Mandatory rapid tests, temporary vaccination stations and the separation of workrooms, therefore, remain a topical issue during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. You can find out how our products are used in this field of application on our special page.

A partition wall between visitors and residents inside a canopy

Cycle „primavera“ is in the air

With the first rays of sunshine, the cycle paths become more congested. Cycling is becoming more and more popular and is even replacing cars in many situations. And that's a good thing! Because sustainable mobility ensures cleaner air, less noise, fewer greenhouse gases and more space to live in.

Public health

Healthy and safe workplaces

A pleasant working atmosphere increases concentration, promotes productivity and reduces health-related absenteeism. Furthermore, an attractive workplace has a positive effect on the employer's image. Learn how to create a healthy and safe workplace with the right system.

Kampagnenbild - Gesunder und sicherer Arbeitsplatz
Dachbegrünung green+
Climate change

In harmony with nature

Unsealing surfaces, filtering fine dust, maintaining biodiversity or reducing noise. The green roof system simultaneously offers an appropriate solution for many challenges. Promote your positive and sustainable image in times of climate protection and establish more nature in our environment.

Public health

Non-smoker protection

You need a concept and products for the realisation of non-smoker protection? With the right system solution, you ensure adequate protection for non-smokers in compliance with all directives and legal requirements and leave no one out in the cold in the process.