Fast contact and sound advice

WSM fulfils all the conditions for the fastest handling of contact requests, regardless of whether these are for new or existing customers. Enquiries are transferred directly to the relevant department and emails are processed the same day. Questions about price and availability can be answered immediately, thanks to our modern IT-based management. Foreign-language queries receive an immediate response in their respective language through our export departments.

But not only speed distinguishes WSM: with the right people, we ensure that our customers receive professional competent advice from the start. A profound and far-sighted consultation at the beginning protects against errors and unplanned expenses or fees in the project’s execution, and also accelerates the successful completion.

Test it yourself!

The following telephone numbers provide direct contact to our experts:

Shelter Systems:+49 2291 86 300
Mobile Room Systems:+49 2291 86 301
Information Systems:+49 2291 86 302
Bicycle Parking Systems:+49 2291 86 303