WSM - pioneer in metal construction

At WSM, innovation is more than a buzzword - it is the lifeblood that has driven us since our founding. We listen to our customers' wishes, closely monitor legal requirements, research the ever-changing needs of the market, and take advantage of ever-new technological opportunities. Our innovations are born from the conviction that our customers deserve the best, and it is they who guide us on the path of continuous improvement.

Quality and design - the basis of our tradition

Our proactive and forward-looking approach enables us to respond quickly and effectively to social developments and trends. Our heritage - the evolution from a humble blacksmith's store to a versatile craftsman's business and finally to a leading manufacturer of canopies, mobile space solutions, information and Bicycle parking systems - speaks to our unwavering spirit of innovation.

Innovative in four product areas

Our expertise extends to four core product areas in which we are well versed and are constantly breaking new ground. Whether it's our legendary and oft-copied R-House or the hingeless hinged doors of our Glass Showcases, our spirit of innovation is evident in every detail. Over the years, we have developed a distinctive and timeless design that makes our products unmistakable and serves as the perfect ambassador for our customers' individual corporate design.

Down to the smallest detail

We believe that innovation is often found in the smallest details. This belief manifests itself in solutions such as a Shelter system that stands securely with only half the usual ground anchors, or in products with type statics that significantly reduce our customers' planning time and minimize planning costs. In addition, we attach great importance to the continuous optimization and improvement of our production processes. This is reflected in environmentally friendly cleaning and painting processes and in the use of the latest technologies to optimize energy consumption at our sites.

Continuous further development

For WSM, innovation means continuous further development. From the initial contact and recording of your requirements by our sales representatives, to precise 2D digital design drawings and detailed 3D visualization for quality control, we offer a seamless and comprehensive support process. Supported by state-of-the-art IT, we ensure lean, fast and secure processes that ensure all information and data is up-to-date and synchronized at all times.

Shaping the future together

Our quest for constant renewal and improvement never ends. We are always open to fresh ideas and new trends and therefore consciously build partnerships with schools and universities to expand our knowledge horizons and keep our finger on the pulse. At WSM, innovation is not just about technology, but also about collaboration and openness. Because in the world of metal construction there is no standstill for us, only constant progress.