Future in metal system construction

For WSM, innovation results from the concrete wishes of our customers, constantly changing legal requirements, demands of the market and ever new technical possibilities. In addition, we are responding to social developments and trends, such as the protection of non-smokers or the vision of mobility that is as emission-free as possible through the use of bicycles in networked public transport.

Innovation was already at the beginning of our company's history, where a blacksmith's store first became a versatile handicraft business and then, in a few years, a manufacturer of roofing and mobile space systems as well as information and bicycle parking systems.

We are at home in these four product areas - this is where our innovative spirit lies. This can be found, for example, in the legendary and often copied R-House or in the hingeless folding doors of our showcases.

Over the decades of our existence, we have developed and established a timeless design by which many of our products are recognizable. As a high-quality carrier for our customers' customizable corporate designs, this design makes an excellent brand ambassador.

Innovative in the smallest detail: You have to come up with the idea of structurally safe installation of a roofing system with only half of the usual ground anchors. This works and saves our customers a lot of time and money. The same applies to the products we have introduced with type statics, which drastically shorten planning times in this area and minimize planning costs.

In addition to our passion for design innovations and improvements, we also care about how we can constantly optimize our manufacturing. As early as 2009, for example, we introduced a particularly environmentally friendly cleaning and painting process that continues to set new standards in terms of quality. We are also ahead of many of our competitors in terms of manufacturing technology, having achieved DIN EN 1090 certification for welding processes at an early stage. Finally, we optimize the energy consumption of our sites by using the latest technologies for lighting and with heat recovery.

We do not stop.

For us, innovation means constant further development. Our central order management system, networked with an ERP system, enables complete processing at the push of a button. In this context, the receipt and return of order confirmations and delivery bills can be carried out via Edifact. This saves us and our customers considerable effort, helps to ensure that our products are delivered quickly and on schedule, and complements our comprehensive quality management.
From the initial recording of your requirements by our field staff to digital 2D design drawings and 3D visualization for checking, we offer seamless support for your orders. All information and data are always kept synchronized and up-to-date. The high degree of automation and deep integration of our IT in all areas of the company ensure lean, fast and secure processes.

Innovation does not stand still for us: We consciously open ourselves to fresh ideas and new trends through cooperation with schools and universities of applied sciences.