The future in metal construction

At WSM, innovation is the consequence of the specific needs of our customers, ever changing regulatory requirements, current and future market demands and constantly evolving technological possibilities. Beyond that, we respond to social developments and trends, such as non-smoker protection or the vision of emission-free mobility through the use of bicycles in the local public transport networks.

Innovation was already present at the beginning of our history, when a blacksmith´s workshop converted to a versatile handicraft business and then, in a few years, into a manufacturer of shelter and mobile room systems as well as information and bicycle parking systems.
These four product areas are our métier and the source of our spirit of innovation. Here one can find, for example, the legendary and oft-copied R-house or the hinge-less wing doors of our display cases.

We have developed and established a timeless design which can be seen in many of our products over the decades of our existence. As a high-quality medium for transporting the corporate designs of our customers, our design is superbly suited as a brand ambassador.

Innovative to the minutest detail: To give birth to the idea of a structurally sound canopy shelter system requiring only half the usual ground anchors calls for ingenuity. This not only works, but saves our customers time and costs. The same applies to our introduction of products with pre-calculated statics, thus dramatically shortening the design time and minimising the design costs in this sector.

In addition to our passion for design innovations and improvements we are also concerned with how we can optimise our production. Already in 2009 we introduced a particularly environmentally friendly cleaning and painting technique that sets new standards in terms of quality even today. With the early achievement of DIN EN 1090 certification for welding processes we are even ahead of many of our competitors´ manufacturing technology. Last but not least, we optimise the energy consumption of our facilities through the use of the latest technologies for lighting and with heat recovery.

We do not stand still

For us, innovation means constant development. Our headquarters with an ERP system networked order management allows complete processing at the touch of a button. The reception and return of order confirmations and delivery notes takes place via EDIFACT. This saves us and our customers considerable effort, helps to make for quick and punctual delivery of our products and complements our comprehensive quality management.

From the first notation of your wishes by our sales representatives, via digital 2D drawings to 3D visualisation for perusal, we offer unbroken support of your orders. In the process, all information and data are always synchronised and kept current. The high degree of automation and the deep integration of our IT in all divisions provides for sleek, speedy and secure processes.

At WSM innovation knows no downtime: through partnerships with schools and colleges we open ourselves consciously to fresh ideas and new trends.