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On the road with freight, responsibility and skill.

On the road for the customer

As a full-service manufacturer, WSM delivers many of its products itself and handles the installation work on site. Waiting halls and prefabricated room systems are transported by our professional drivers with factory-owned tractor-trailers, unloaded on site with the integrated crane and assembled. This way, our customers always benefit from an optimal solution and save valuable time. Everything you need to know and be able to do for this is taught not only at vocational school, but also at the Training and Further Education Center for Transport and Logistics and in practice.

The day before the trip, our trucks are loaded. At four o'clock in the morning, we hit the road. The goal: customers throughout Germany or in neighboring countries. The tour for this is then already planned exactly. On site, the customer waits with instructions for storage or installation. Depending on the cargo, unloading is done by crane, which is a part of all our delivery vehicles. Now the assembly begins: unpack the object and align it exactly with the crane, fasten the dowels, if necessary provide for power supply. If the customer is satisfied, he confirms this with his signature and a sincere thank you for carefully performed, perfect work.
In addition to these trips with assembly, there are also pure delivery trips.

Because every job is different and different distances have to be covered, our professional drivers have to be flexible in terms of time and - as is typical for their profession - also expect tours lasting several days. However, assignments over weekends are not a part of WSM.
A clean criminal record, a Class B driver's license, fun driving a 40-ton truck, a sense of responsibility, diligence, physical fitness, and manual dexterity are required for this apprenticeship in any case. Our trainees acquire all the other driving licenses and qualifications they need in an inter-company training course lasting several months.

Required qualifications: secondary school leaving certificate, driving license: class B, min. C1 level German

Training duration: 3 years

Please send your application, preferably in writing, to our training manager Katharina Schenk. We are looking forward to it!

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