Mobile, modulare Hallenbüros

Mobile, modular hall offices

In factory halls and warehouses, mobile, modular hall offices from WSM adapt to all tasks while providing protection and a great deal of comfort.

Mobile, modular hall offices

Nothing is as constant as change: In modern manufacturing and logistics, the layout of production lines or the layout of storage areas is constantly changing, ultimately adapting to technical and market developments. Where there is a hall office today, there may have to be a new plant tomorrow; where there was space for people yesterday, there now has to be storage space. Rigid floor plans with permanently installed functional spaces literally get in the way and cannot be easily changed. Mobile, modular hall offices from WSM are the solution.

Mobile room systems

Turnkey and individually planned.
Delivery and assembly by our qualified personnel.

Highly flexible solution

Mobile, modular office containers or hall offices from WSM can be quickly transported to almost any location and require little space. Their tubular steel construction allows for adjustments to "difficult" conditions, such as when support columns are "in the way," right-angled buildings, and much more. They are easily transported and moved by forklift or overhead crane. Operational disruptions caused by costly and time-consuming new construction are avoided.

Always adaptable

Mobile hall offices in modular design from WSM require little space and can be easily transported to almost any location. They can be adapted individually and optimized for the respective application in terms of appearance, dimensions and characteristics - including the color scheme.

Variations of the hall offices in the interior

Mobile hall offices

Despite their very compact design compared to "regular" structures, mobile, modular office containers or hall offices from WSM offer everything required for their function, including the comfort for safe, relaxed and thus productive work. Air conditioning, lighting, free choice of window surfaces and doors or reinforced sound insulation are standard or can be selected.

What mobile hall containers bring

  • Always in place

    You can easily move your WSM office container modules to their place of use with forklifts or an overhead crane.

  • From very small to very large

    Whether it is a simple hall office or a multi-storey administration building created by lining up or stacking the room modules - many things are possible.

  • That always fits

    Our mobile, modular office containers can be individually adapted in appearance as well as in dimensions and their characteristics and optimized for the respective purpose.

  • Comfort and protection

    WSM's mobile, modular office containers are available in numerous models in different variants and sizes. The restriction to the ISO space dimensions of freight containers no longer applies.

  • For productive work

    Our mobile, modular office containers offer everything required for their function and ensure safe, relaxed and thus productive working.

  • Safe and durable

    All mobile, modular office containers from WSM remain mobile and stable - for years to come. This is ensured by high-quality materials and careful, certified manufacturing.

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