Committed to the environment

Sustainability has many facets, the combination of thinking and acting in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving way is one of them.

Our experience as a manufacturer shows that this simultaneously increases the benefits for our customers. For example, by designing our products to retain their value and last a long time, and by delivering on that promise. What is made right once does not need to be replaced so quickly. Our timeless design also holds its own against short-lived fashions.

As early as 2009, WSM introduced a new painting technology that continues to set new standards in environmental protection and quality. By using dry ice for pre-cleaning, manufacturing-related contaminants can be removed in an environmentally friendly manner and without toxic waste. The subsequent priming and wet painting with a one-coat paint (2 components) is low-emission and achieves C3 m quality as standard for abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.

For us, sustainable action also means responsibility for our employees and sites. As an independent family business, we have grown steadily over five decades and have also weathered economic crises well. The fact that our employees identify with their work and their company is demonstrated by their above-average length of service. And when children of our employees become new WSM employees, it provides continuity that benefits everyone.

By training young people in a wide range of professions, we are not only securing our future as a company, but are ultimately committed to socially sustainable development and responding to demographic change.