People shelters

Don't leave your customers, guests or employees out in the rain any longer! We offer a wide range of People shelters - from bus and train stop shelters, smoking booths, meeting places to chic pavilions for parks and gardens. They provide all the comfort you can imagine, perfect protection from heat, cold and moisture and resist all these weather conditions thanks to high quality materials and certified manufacturing. And that for many years! Choose from attractive equipment variants, high-quality paint finishes, also in the colors of your corporate design, or decide right away on a model with certified type statics or a ready-made green roof.

  • Smoking roofs
  • Passenger shelters
  • Connecting passages
  • Communication shelters

Material shelters

Valuable things, such as consumables, goods, tools or bicycles, are simply too sensitive to be stored permanently unprotected in the open air! Material shelters are therefore a worthwhile investment - especially if they can withstand even wind and weather for years to come, thanks to "built-in" corrosion protection, careful workmanship and high-quality industrial-grade paint finishes. And if you need more protection: Our Material shelters and covered bike storage systems can be easily expanded to effortlessly grow with your needs.

  • Two-wheel shelters
  • Warehouse roofing
  • Shopping cart canopies
  • Garbage Yard Enclosures


Enclosures from WSM are recommended to accommodate baby carriages, walkers and garbage cans protected from the weather and vandalism. Due to their sturdy workmanship and durable paint finish, the boxes are ideally suited for permanent use in wind and rain. In addition, the boxes are usually secured with a sturdy lock to protect your strollers, walkers or trash cans from theft. Our Enclosures thus represent a space-saving and at the same time extremely practical solution - both in private homes and in public facilities such as daycare centers, retirement homes or hospitals. With this simple storage option for your stroller, walker or trash can you always have everything quickly at hand!

  • High quality paint
  • Robust steel plate
  • Protection from vandalism and weather
  • Space saving storage


As accessories for our Shelter systems we offer elegant, integrable solutions, which are at the same time characterized by their weather resistance and durability. Rear and side walls, waste garbage cans and ashtrays, lighting systems, benches as well as green roofs ensure that our canopies not only look good, but are also practical and enjoy being used.

  • Back and side walls
  • Litter garbage can
  • Benches
  • Lighting
  • Green roof