Modern production

The production process at WSM is divided into four main areas. Each individual work step is subject to strict quality control.


In our spacious construction department, our products get their basic and solid base shape through precise welding. Our welding processes are certified according to DIN EN 1090 and correspond to the latest state of the art. This ensures the highest quality and durability of welded joints with us.


Here, environmental protection plays a major role in two respects. For optimal preparation of the coating, our products must be cleaned without residues. Instead of chemical agents, we rely on dry ice cleaning, which is much more costly but environmentally friendly. With this method, all surfaces and angles are optimally freed from residues. For painting, we use environmentally friendly high-solids industrial paints and an electrostatic process which, on the one hand, ensures paint application even in hard-to-reach places and, on the other, significantly reduces the amount of paint required, thus conserving valuable resources. Our recirculating air and halogen drying systems work with heat recovery and are therefore also very environmentally friendly.

Final assembly

Here the product is finalized according to customer requirements. Individual equipment features in particular come into play here. For example, printed glass panels are used in the roofing systems. The mobile room systems receive an individual facade as well as windows, doors and interior fittings. And our showcases are equipped, for example, with a text bar, LED lighting or heating elements for winter posting.

Transport preparation

Before the finished products are shipped, they are thoroughly cleaned. Then they receive custom packaging or complete film protection to optimally protect them from damage during transport. We also make transport preparations for air freight or by ship to other continents.