Indoor installation

Flexibility in use, versatility in function and highest quality in material and production – these are the characteristics that distinguish our mobile, modular room systems. With the "classic" systems of the W and R model series, rooms for personnel, material or special tasks can be quickly created and transported. Our new SmartUnit can be self-configured at will and easily assembled and disassembled on site.
Whether production or logistics: our mobile, modular room systems for indoor use enable you to save on costly and inflexible extensions and acquire maximum adaptability to changing layouts and requirements!

  • Individual partition wall systems
  • Spacious lounges/recreation rooms
  • Modern sound insulation cabins
  • Representative sales rooms

Outdoor installation

Reception areas, porter's lodges or control stations – room systems for outdoor use have to withstand wind and weather; and that year after year. Renowned WSM quality through first-class materials and meticulous, certified production ensures long-lasting weatherproof value. Since we know what our customers want, we combine the exceptional durability of our mobile, modular room systems for outdoor use with flexible dimensions and a wide range of outfitting options. Easy to transport and speedily set up and ready for operation at the application location.
With custom painting matching your corporate design you create the perfect impression on your visitors, customers and employees.

  • Representative gatehouses
  • Custom kiosks or snack bars
  • Additional work and office space