Metal worker specializing in construction technology (m/f/d)

Living heavy metal in all its variations as a metalworker.

WSM is a metal systems construction company, and that really says it all about the importance of metal workers at our company! In the locksmith's shop and during final assembly, they create the connections that hold roofing and room systems together for many years. "Quality in metal" is our company motto. Our training as metalworkers and the profession itself are just as high quality.

Welding and grinding, drilling and sawing, cutting, bending and soldering - the techniques with which we process steel and aluminum are versatile. This is done in the locksmith's shop and in our aluminum construction. Our budding metalworkers learn to know and master them all - and much more: also how to handle galvanized metal, which is used because of its high corrosion resistance and which must be carefully ground down before welding. Whatever is processed and how: Accuracy and care are required. Because even with small deviations, parts usually no longer fit together. In the locksmith's shop, it is important to maintain an overview: Our process cards, in which all work steps are recorded, help with this. It says, for example, that trucks bring new material to be unloaded several times a day. Finished constructions have to go on to the paint shop. The forklift is then used for transport. Our new colleagues learn how to drive and operate it at the same time.

In our final assembly department, the prefabricated parts are later assembled, panes are inserted, cables, illuminants, insulating materials and much more are integrated before the products are finally delivered to the customers. Our future metalworkers are also involved here and learn all the tricks of the trade.

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The vocational school in Gummersbach-Dieringhausen imparts in-depth knowledge, including construction technology and business accounting, in this training program.

If you are physically fit, like to lend a hand and love working with your hands, this profession and WSM are the right place for you!

Required qualification: Secondary school diploma

Training duration: 3½ years

Please send your application, preferably in writing, to our training manager Katharina Schenk. We are looking forward to it!

Christmas and vacation bonus

High-level training with intensive support

Attractive training allowance

Internal training and opportunities for further education

Supporting exam preparation courses

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