Clearly-defined standards

Quality is neither an accident nor a mere promise at WSM: arising out of a solid handcraft tradition, our production has long been subject to modern and comprehensive quality management.

In addition to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, WSM has a variety of other certifications and approvals. By the DIN EN 1090 for welding processes we are one of the enterprises who implemented this standard very early on.

We also choose our suppliers according to quality considerations. Careful inspection of incoming goods and prudent stockpiling also ensure that we can meet our high standards throughout.

Thus we can ensure that our high standards of quality and safety, stability, durability and value retention for each and every one of our products is guaranteed.

Certainly and to your advantage:

ISO-9001:2015 Across the board Ensuring quality standards, traceability
DIN EN 1090 for welding Across the board Provides maximum quality of welded joints according to the current state of the art
Statics certification for product types Room systems, shelter systems Safety tested and approved. No further static testing or approval is required
Statics certification for product types Room systems, shelter systems Safety tested and approved. No further static testing or approval is required
ADFC-Certificate Bicycle parking systems Requirement compliance, ease of use
ENEC-Certification and high IP protection classes Display cabinets (also small batches and custom orders) Legal requirement for protection against electrical shock, short circuit and cable fires (European Union regulations)

Our environmental and resource conserving coating technology introduced already in 2009 sets new standards for environmental protection and quality.

Through the use of dry ice for pre-production-related cleaning, impurities from the manufacturing process are eliminated environmentally-friendly without toxic waste. The subsequent primer and wet paint cots with a one-coat paint (2 components) is low in emissions and scores C3 m quality in abrasion and corrosion resistance as standard. At the customer’s request, higher corrosion protection classes are possible.

A further interesting customer advantage is the construction statics type certification. Initially for our shelter systems “Cologne” and “Mannheim”, the statics type certification saves our customers their own static reports. For certification, inter alia, very extensive snow and wind loads were ascertained.

The delivery and installation of our products and systems are just as quality conscious as their production: through in-house mobile cranes and trained specialists, as well as in cooperation with proven, local transport companies.

We take care of it: we reliably and completely collect all wishes and comments from our customers with a call system. Thus ensuring that nothing is left behind, we also gain important information that will continuously enable us to improve our products and service to our customers.

WSM – quality that pays for itself. Our customers confirm this time and again.

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